Sunday, May 06, 2007

And India stretches out its bowl again

may 6, 2007

once again reminding us that there is no alternative to food security and agricultural reform.

we are moving back towards the nehruvian rate of growth and the begging bowl and the PL-480 days of american grain being dumped on india. the kaangress must be feeling quite refreshed, this is what their natural habitat is.

this is the Goat Theory of Everything (my copyright). goats' natural habitat is scrappy, semi-arid land with thin vegetation. wherever you take goats, they damage the land with their sharp hooves and their habit of eating plants down the very roots. thus, they turn even the lushest meadows into their natural habitat of marginal hardscrabble spaces.

well, the kaangress does this too. you give them a strong and rising economy, and they will turn it into the nehruvian state. every time.

the mohammedans and christists do this too. their natural habit is the desert. wherever you put them, eg a lush rainforest, they will destroy the ecology and turn it into a desert. they will then feel comfortable.

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