Monday, April 30, 2007

UK's Telegraph now reporting that Raoul Maino is a "Cambridge" grad?!?!?

apr 30th, 2007

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From: Kumar

Wow. What will they write next? That he single-handedly ousted the British from India in his past life as his grandfather? Oh, they can't say that because he's Christian and they don't believe in reincarnation...oops. No, they can write that Raoul Maino single-handedly prevented know! RAOUL MAINO CREATED THE INDIAN SOFTWARE INDUSTRY!!!!

That's it! Eureka!

I thought he did a degree from Rollins? I guess now his handlers are sticking with the "Cambridge" story.

Oh well. I guess it's been a nice 5000 years of Hindu culture soon to be annihilated through our own stupidity and sloth. A shining and exemplary history of invention, composing of poems, epics, and scriptures, home of several major religions, the birthplace of some of the greatest inventions of the human mind, and this is the {EXPLETIVE DELETED -- MODERATOR} that India ends up with? How do these guys exert so much influence? What is the secret? Am I missing something?


Harish said...

I think the secret is the Indian belief that anything foriegn, western or "white" is inherently better or superior to Indians and India in general..

This idea which has been drilled down the Indian pscyhe thanks to British rule is what gives sustenance to the Maino family..

I see no respite from their stranglehold on our country and the ELM..

Chatrapath said...

Harish---good point.

You also have to ask the question..."cui bono?". In other words, "for whose benefit?"

Let's be honest, no one in the maino clan has been blessed with brains---definitely not sonia, and we all know that raoul maino "rahul" is dyslexic and is not capable of studying or even reading at a grade school level. So, who is pulling the strings? It's not all sycophancy of all things white. Not completely...there have been forces at work that have been quietly plotting this takeover of India for decades.

Don't ask the question "How does sonia control India?". Do ask---WHO CONTROLS SONIA?

Who gains?

--whoever can christianize India will gain one billion tithing ex-Hindus who will fight in all the wars that the white world commands it to fight.

--will hew wood from whatever tree the white world points at

--will tend to every garden of the white world.

--will murder any enemy of the white world.

As long as we "trust" and have faith in our white god, then we will end up just like Native Americans, Blacks, and other extinct peoples without any direction, ashamed of their culture, ashamed of themselves...

YSR Reddy isn't as stupid as I thought. He's taken the initiative to convert--since it's now inevitable that India will be christianized. Might as well collect those donations ad payoffs from the evangelicals and get rich while the conversion of India is still ripe.

Remember, every non-white christian country is devastated and doomed to poverty...every white christian country is a vastly wealthy country...every non white non christian country is soon to be wealthy or already wealthy.

What will we do? There are a million Sonias waiting in the wings if this one perishes. Will we vote another one in? Will we trust our fate to the Devil hoping that we can collect some nice shiny trinkets that we can wear in Hell as we burn like charred wood?

what will we do?