Monday, April 30, 2007

kanchan gupta: PM takes India for granted.

apr 30th, 2007

rather dangerous man, this prime minister. the us nuclear pact business has been a revelation to many.

in addition,r he has violated the constitution of india, which all these liberals swear by up and down, by declaring that mohammedans will get first dibs on resources. this means the pm is saying that all citizens are not equal. he should be impeached for violating the constitution, even though that is a flawed document.

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The Pioneer / April 27, 2007
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What consensus,

Prime Minister?


Even those who know him and admire his erudition would not disagree  with noted economist and former West Bengal Finance Minister Ashok Mitra being described as an unreconstructed Marxist with an acid tongue. In fact, Mr Mitra revels in being rude — although he makes an exception if he takes a shine to you, which is a very big if — and unlike other Bengali bhadralok Marxists believes bhadrata and Marxism do not go hand-in-hand. Those who can recall his days as West Bengal's Finance Minister — an office he held till he marched out of Mr Jyoti Basu's Government after being bypassed on a rather petty issue — would also remember his infamous outburst: "I am not a bhadralok, I am a Communist."

It is, therefore, not surprising that in his autobiography, A Prattler's Tale, Mr Mitra should have dipped his pen in verjuice before putting down his description of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on paper. Rather overstating   a facet of his personality, Mr Mitra writes, I am afraid there is little scope for politeness here." But what follows is an apt description of India's accidental Prime Minister: "His timidity is the product of his civil servant's mind, which many mistake as humility." As if that were not scathing enough, he goes on to write about Mr Manmohan Singh's "lamb-like devotion to the Nehru household".

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rightwinger said...

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sansk said...

It is a classic half-truth which is very plausible. However, the bigger truth is the alleged PM is not so timid if he is sure he can get his way around the issues and opponents. He bulldozed the nuclear deal despite all opposition, where, breaking all barriers, even government servants opposed the deal. He got away with consitutional attrocities in Goa and Jharkhand. He is bold enough to warn judiciary about not extending its scope, and is brazen enough to declare that Muslims have first right on nation's resources.
He is timid only when he faces the Gandhi Dynasty or those with access to it. He is also timid when he accepts some prize in UK for according to him, British rule in India was benificial to later. He is timid and ignorant when he claims and suggests Indian society to implement the Chinese model of growth.

Finally, he is a liar who claims that his permanant residence is somewhere in Assam everytime he needs to win an RS election.


"His timidity is the product of his civil servant's mind, which many mistake as humility."