Friday, April 06, 2007

The rise and fall of navies

An article by an European regarding the growth of Naval Power in the East, especially of the rapid growth of the Chinese Navy. All the more reason for Indian, Japanese & the US Navies to co-operate, which they are doing right now in the form of exercises.


TallIndian said...

Not sure how holding joint exercises solves anything. The article inidcates that nations need to have the ability to both buid and project naval power.

None of the countries can build an aircraft carrier or nuclear attack submarine without foreign (read US or Soviet) assistance.

At one time, India was able to construct naval vessels. The RN ship that bombarded Ft. McHenry was built by a Parsee company from Bombay.

habc said...

The Japanese did have aircraft carriers in WWII - Hiryu , Akagi etc. - I think they would still have the same skills.