Thursday, April 05, 2007

nytimes: of course the red sea didn't part

apr 5, 2007

of course, this is just a myth. as is all of christist mythology (noticed how christists never refer to their mythology as mythology, though?). haven't you noticed the 'miracles' lately: monica somebody's tumor is healed by doctors, but according to MTeresa fans this is a 'miracle. some nun in italy claims she was 'healed' 'miraculously', and this is going to enable the fast-track beatification of the dead godman, you know, the polish guy whose name escapes me.

in case you folks are wondering, i am mirroring the standard christist attitude, which is that

a) christist mythology is 'scripture' and a depiction of actual events
b) hindu mythology is mythology

on the contrary, i assert that

a) christist mythology is pure mythology with no basis in fact whatsoever
b) hindu mythology is history embellished with poetic fancy

there is a lot more evidence for the historical truth of a lot of hindu myths eg. the rise of kerala from the sea.

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