Saturday, April 07, 2007

Brahma on Gwadar and India's encirclement

Stagecraft & Statecraft
Brahma Chellaney yanks our eyelids open on what Gwadar and other Chinese moves mean for India. Rajeev - it will be useful for this blog to maintain a permanent link to Brahma's blog
We are asleep at the wheel while the enemy builds up. Our only hope is for either China or Pakistan to collapse; however hope cannot be a strategy. Wonder if we can build and exploit an 'Islamic Homeland' sentiment in Sinkiang?


san said...

There's some article by C Raja Mohan from 2005 that indicates that Sri Lanka's moves on Hambantota might be in retaliation for the Sethusamudram project to dredge the Palk Straits:

Sri Lanka wants a transport artery built across the Palk Straits, while LTTE & DMK are campaigning for the dredging.

I would note that if there was an increase in shipping traffic through the Palk Straits, it would be an ideal opportunity for LTTE to smuggle in arms hidden amongst that shipping traffic. It would be a better piracy opportunity than the Straits of Malacca.

People keep only talking about the security dimension to the Sethusamudram in relation to thorium sands. I think they better worry more about LTTE getting a powerful new smuggling channel from a shipping route being diverted so close to their territory. To me, this could become the most alarming thing about Sethusamudram. No wonder LTTE and DMK are so anxious for it.

nizhal yoddha said...

good suggestion, ghostwriter. will follow.

interesting undercurrents, san. what the 'dravidians' do is always suspicious and usually anti-national.

even if the bridge was not built by rama's army, it is quite possible that there was an ancient, natural, land bridge when sea levels were low. this is not unusual. there was a land bridge, as is well-known, between american and siberia in the bering strait over which asians wandered into the americas.

destroying the rama bridge is not going to bring obvious benefits, it is yet another way of attacking hindu sentiment as far as the 'dravidians'/christists are concerned.