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letter to kerala Kaumudi: 100 Years and on ....

feb 9th, 2011 CE

very interesting letter to the editor of the kerala kaumudi, which is celebrating its 100th year. the paper primarily represents the ezhava community.

kerala's papers are very communal:
1. malayala manorama is the xtist paper
2. mathrubhoomi is the nair paper
3. there are a bunch of mohdan papers, many of them relatively new, and the result of big bucks coming from the middle east
4. there are several other xtist papers too

this is a good letter, reminding the editors of what good journalism should be about.

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To: "Keralakaumudi[main news desk]" <>,

Reminding your duties on this anniversary
Congratulation on completing the 100th anniversary.
The editorial which came out on the very next day after your 100th anniversary, regarding the High court interference on Sree Padmanabha temple is timely and hard-hitting. It had the same standard as that of Abhaya and Sabarimala editorials, and gave us, the readers the message that kaumudi legacy is still intact. However, it is worth pointing out that no follow-ups are happening on these important editorials.

Honorable CV Kunjuraman and his son K Sukumaran stood for the truth and they were no cowards. They revolutionized our society, stood for the socially backwards and always held the Sree Narayana guru's ideals close to their heart. Kerala had witnessed Kaumudi's successful engagement with Vaikam satyagraha and also in the Temple entry proclamation. So it's natural for common readers to expect more from the current Kaumudi team in cleansing our corroded, corrupt and communal society. Not being silent when Kaumudi is expected to roar. Rightfully, your editorial had asked the Kerala Govt. to provide at least 10 lakhs to the Pulmedu victims, but none of your reporters ever accused the discriminatory Govt or Oomen chandy for their apartheid agenda on Sabarimala pilgrims. An no reporter ever wanted to write about the Rs 5 Lakhs given (god knows if they had given at least this)

Of late we see your lethargy in not upholding the Sree Narayana Guru's idealism, but falling prey to 'appeasement' methodologies.  Let me point out an example. During a conference in the recently concluded Sivagiri prilgrimage, a Karnataka DGP (a proud ezhava and second lady IPS officer in India) stressed that it was due to Sree Narayana Guru, Kerala progressed in - social and educational - sectors. Unfortunately your reporter conveniently forgot to mention this or maybe he/she didn't understand English properly in the particular news item. Or maybe he/she didn't want to hurt the real missionary mafia who had made education their business empire.  A more recent instance is your own Anniversary celebration and you 'forget' to invite Sivagiri sanyasins or maybe they were invited but we didn't see them in your picture gallery. SNDP , NSS or BJP leaders were absent in the stage, which was totally filled with CPM and KPCC, who have taken turns to loot our temples and plunder Guru's symbolic idols across Kerala. Anyway thanks a bunch for not displaying your recent 'love' for the missionary folks at least during the anniversary celebrations. But my point is - there is a strong disconnect in what you communicate in some of your good editorials and how you sublimely convey your priorities.

I am in no way trying to criticize you, but Kaumudi (Sanskrit meaning = moon light in the dark) is acting blind without living up to the dreams of its founders or the numerous families around Tranvacore that are fed with your news daily.  Of course there are shades of honesty, integrity and good sense in some of the editorials like the ones mentioned above. But apparently we have darkness all around us and it is highlighted by:

·        Governmental discrimination and apartheid against the Hindu society: scholarships and special reservations to non-Hindus!

·        Government discrimination and loot of temples and support for non-temples! That's Government follows Col. Munro's British policy to plunder and loot our temples.

·        Judicial dumbness or in other words paid judgments similar to paid journalism (Vir sanghvi, Barkha). Judiciary supports Abaya killers and has no problems even if weapons are found in E Ahammed's places of worship! But it has to interfere in Sabarimala and Sree Padmanabha temples. Who are these judges working for? Why is Kaumudi afraid to ask?

·        People with 'hidden agendas' getting into Supreme Court and no one sees this. Media only cares for the 'color' of his skin and his 'hardships' to become SC Chief justice. (It's hard to believe that Kaumudi couldn't identify some 'wolves' hiding as sheep.)

·        No clear definition or majority or minority community. Person X can start a new religion Y with 10 members and start looting the Govt. funds for education business or 'pilgrim' trips to region Z

·        Rampant conversion terrorism unleashed by both missionaries and other groups representing Kunjalikkutty & E Ahammed. You had reported on the forceful conversion (online only!) with reference to the Ice cream parlor case. But again no follow-ups or details in the daily.

These are just few points for Kaumudi to shed some (moon) light for a better society.

If the much respected K Sukumaran was alive, he would've at least saved our temples from the Govt. loot and shown us the Guru's approach in spiritual and social engineering. We still hope the current management would follow his footsteps and dump the 'appeasement'-like policies of our fraudulent politicians and judges, to get more advertisement revenues. No problem in thinking about the money but there are certain duties you cannot forget. It's your silence and lethargy when the majority peace loving people face real apartheid. It's high time you get rid of this low-caste complex and come out with real ezhava pride.

What's the meaning of secularism if Govt & Judiciary continuously interfere in how we need to practice our temple rituals and shamelessly loot the temple hundi? At the same time, provide funds for pilgrimage (travelling outside India) and pilgrim buildings in addition to total freedom to manage churches and mosques!

If Kaumudi cannot correct this apartheid, who can? So just take a step back and see how you could get back to your original ideals and philosophies.  When was the last time you revolutionized and cleansed our society?

Sree Padmanabhan had given you the best 'gift' on your anniversary. And as a dutiful team, it's up to you to save his abode as well as other temples from the combined Government-judiciary loot and aparthied. All patriotic citizens and the souls of your ancestors would shower their blessings on your current team for such a glorious feat. And we are all looking forward to your success!
Thanking you.

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