Friday, February 11, 2011

awwww, cho chweet. let's give secular somali pirate indian citizenship

feb 11th, 2011

after all, 'seculars' have first right to india's resources, and why, he is no different from all the bangladeshi 'seculars' who have swelled the kkkangress' vote banks. 

i am sure the wise PM will give this pirate honorary indian citizenship and allow him to visit all the indian cities he wants, where he can hook up with all the kashmiri sleeper-cells (oops... emporiums).

once again, let us note that somalis are now very active near the lakshadweeps, no doubt encouraged by the brotherhood of the lakshadweep residents (100% secular). 

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souixsie said...

The concern should be over these Somali pirates working with the Pakistani ISI pirates in our seas. This will be the Ummah in typical Barbary coast behaviour; except that it's happening in the Arabian sea with Maldives, Lakshadweep, Somalia, and Pakistan as safe harbours.