Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing

An interesting Sri Lankan Buddhist perspective on the Christist death cult in action
and it's deleterious effects on native cultures worldwide.
Tiny Sri Lanka showed a lot of courage in refusing John Paul a visa back in 2000.
Despite all the "Dravidian" bravado of "Self respect", the Sinhalese Buddhists
are better practitioners of the same, worthy of emulation by their Indian neighbours,
beginning with Tamil Nadu. Actually, the whole Tamil Ealam issue is a christist invention (the top LTTE leadership are all christist, like the Nepalese "Maoists").

Is it a coincidence that the countries with civilizational links
rooted in the Ramayana, i.e Nepal, India, Sri Lanka (and those that revere it - Thailand and Indonesia) are in the cross hairs of christist evangelism today?


ramesh said...

An excellent article. However, I don’t quite agree with u regarding LTTE being a purely christist invention. The Tamil issue has been created largely due to the Buddhist clergy’s hostile attitude towards Tamil/Hindus. Sinhalese Buddhist clergy has always adopted an extremely hostile stance towards Tamil Hindus. (I remember reading Swami Vivekananda’s biography. He had been invited by the Tamil of Jaffna (I thnk) to sri lanka after his triumphant return from the U.S. The biography notes that on many instances his public discourses were repeatedly disturbed by Buddhist monks playing drums.) And this is also the case with a lot of Buddhists (especially the so called neo Buddhists) in India. Apparently Hindu baiting is not limited to the Semitic death cults.

bly243001 said...

If there was any doubt that all chinese communists are actually christians and soon it is going to be a christian nation soon:

while bishop is installed

peaceful Buddhism is destroyed