Sunday, October 14, 2007

more on 'saint' che

oct 14th, 2007

san, illustrating your point about atlanticists and che, the economist just blasts ye old che thus:

i particularly liked this comment about the hoaxes related to christist 'saints', although the atlanticist stops short of saying it's true of ye olde jesus as well. anyway, this is quite true of thomas (he of the two skeletons), and also of jesus' 13 foreskins:

"His supposed relics are the object of official veneration. In 1997, when Cuba was reeling from the collapse of its Soviet ally, Mr Castro organised the excavation of Guevara's skeleton in Bolivia and its reburial in a mausoleum in Cuba. Except that in the tradition of medieval saints, it probably isn't his body at all, according to research by Bertrand de la Grange, a French journalist. "

the christists don't like it when the communists follow their tactics of "relics by repeated assertion". they should instead be flattered that another semitic death cult is imitating them so faithfully, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery.


Kaunteya said...

"relics by repeated assertion" - ha ha ha.. good one !

karyakarta92 said...

Interesting how the christist death cult invents such gruesome fiction and imparts the hue of divinity to such myths. On the other hand, their missionaries go around vilifying the native traditions of those targeted for conquest. Therefore, it is hilarious to observe irreverent depictions of the death cult by western non-believers and the christist rage provoked by it.
See this story - apparently, some christists are boycotting Miller for this.

"Miller, the Jesus-Mocking Beer";_ylt=Asirb16y4.ADkebuLnhBhVz9wxIF

habc said...

In fact I remember reading that Hitler also used to hold large and elaborate ceremonies for the dead Nazi martyrs. Several contemporary observers observed and commented on this cult of worshiping the dead Nazi martyrs just like this guvala (sic)