Sunday, October 14, 2007

United States of Jihad

The United States of America is increasingly becoming a home (hotel?) to anti-national jihadist turncoats - and I'm not talking about John Walker Lindh. I'm of course talking about the ummahgrant community who are actively celebrating the deaths of US soldiers even while living inside the US itself.


habc said...

how long before the americans run into this "issue"
8 wives, 67 children, 20 grandchildren and still going strong

Not content with eight wives, 67 children and 20 grandchildren an Israeli Arab, who has broken Israel's fatherhood, is all set to marry again.

"I am thinking about a new wife, number nine, and I am already preparing for the marriage. There are many women who wish to marry me and there is no lack of women," 58-year-old Shahdah Abu Arar was quoted as saying by "Ynetnews" newsportal.
His first wife was of his age, but nowadays he hardly spend any time with her. "Her children have grown so I leave her alone. I have younger wives to be with,"
Describing his daily routine Arar, who has two young wives pregnant, said, "every night I decide which wife to go to. I really feel like an effendi in my home. My wives do whatever I want and they very much want me to spend time with them."

Look at the statements made by this guy - if a Indian Hindu or a white guy says even 1% of what he is saying guess what would happen

habc said...

Vishwanathan Anand receives embarrassing 'welcome' on his return

about time for this one
BJP settles Bengal score on screen

karyakarta92 said...

"America: exceptional no more? ";_ylt=Ar46lHX.F4DZyzk3ZToe4zj9wxIF

Interesting viewpoint that.
America is going to the dogs - it is increasingly becoming a dhimmi system - like India, if the special privileges to Mohammedans everywhere are any indicator, including at the highest level of government - the bloody iftar parties hosted at the White House,
the footbaths for mohammedans in public places, the censorship of honest critiques of islam etc.

But, even in purely economic and social terms, America is fast becoming more of a "third world" country. I don't know whether this decline can be attributed to any single reason like illegal immigration from Latin America though.....

But, as Eurabia becomes a reality,
a United States of Jihad can't be far behind. That would be a shame
equalled only by the annihilation of Hindu civilization in India.