Friday, May 04, 2007

US Congress slaps Moron Singh - please show some backbone
All that effort to 'engage' our 'natural ally' - and all ends in this? This when Shiv Shankar Menon is still in Washington DC - what a slap on the face. This must be so disheartening for the votaries of the 'deal'

TallIndian - please note the list of your favorite Democratic Party members on the top left!

Interestingly, some portions of the letter do deserve a candid response for instance -
It is difficult for us to fathom why India, a democracy engaged in its own struggle against terrorism, would want to enhance security cooperation with a repressive government widely regarded as the world's most active state sponsor of terrorism
Congressmen - it is indeed difficult for us to fathom why you continue to hug Pakistan (contrary to what you may think Pakistan, and not Iran, is actually the most active state sponsor of terrorism)

We must stress that the subject of India's strengthening relationship with Iran will inevitably be a factor in the consideration of that Agreement when it is presented to Congress
The subject of India's strategic program (including enrichment, testing and reprocessing of spent fuel) will be an important consideration for us - I hope you will take note of this as well"

Anyways the deal is dead. This is the Yankees way of announcing failure - blame the other guy. Coming soon - Manmohan Singh to declare we stood 'firm' in support of our Iranin friends and India's independent foreign policy.


Harish said...

A lil out of topic..
Time while naming Sonia Maino as one of the world's "100 most influential" ppl had this to say

"And she has done all this wearing a sari. Imagine if the US were run by an Indian Hindu woman without a college degree. It's tough: the US has never elected anyone who's not Christian, white and male - even as Vice President. But India, which is an even bigger democracy, is run in all but name by an Italian Catholic widow with a high school education," it adds

Well now we all know why US is a super power and India is not even a blip on the radar..

A country that 'elects' such high school drop outs with no connection to the masses, has no future...

Thankfully Sonia Maino was rightly descibed as a high school drop out rather than a Cambridge scholar like her son :-) :-)

KapiDhwaja said...

Ghostwriter, I for one actually support the Nuke Deal for the following reason.

The Deal can be printed out, and copies of it can be presented to both the American Congressmen and the Indian Kaangresswalas, so that they can shove it up their ass.