Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bharat Verma: India is shrinking under Manmohan

Great article by Capt. Bharat Verma. Makes for very sad reading indeed, thanks to the policies of the non-PM and the Kaangress of hollowing out the Nation internally with their caste/religion based politics. India is literally groping in the dark with our external policies of 'carrot & appeasement' as opposed to 'carrot & stick', while China becomes more powerful.

The key question is have we reached the bottom yet, or do we still have more ways to go down under Kaangressi rule in the next 2 years?

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abhiha said...

Here is an article by Bramha Chellany lambasting the govt of India for messing up the Indo-Nuclear agreement.

I wonder what the real reasons for entering the negotiations with head-in-the-ass attiudes were, and what went wrong.