Monday, April 30, 2007

top 10 brands in asia

apr 30, 2007

not one indian brand.

from the FT, apr 23rd:

1. china mobile
2. toyota
3. ntt docomo
4. industrial and commercial bank of china
5. honda
6. bank of china
7. samsung
8. canon
9. sony
10. nissan

i am not quite sure how these guys define 'top brand', but i am startled that iconic brands like toyota and sony have been overtaken by these unknown chinese brands, not exactly in exciting areas either -- i mean, bloody banks. i therefore question the research methodology. i think they cannot just let the usual white-guy fascination with '1 billion chinese' determine the value of the brand: it has to be normalized against population.


sansk said...

maybe they are top ten brands of China :-)

AGworld said...

This article is written by some Chimmi.

This is all to freqeuent in the white-man press these days -- call anything and everything in china as "Top 10"
In particular, i find the inclusion of 2 chinese banks on that interesting.

It is a well known fact that the Chinese Financial sector is very poorly run, with a lot of banks having very high irrecoverable debts.

Sounds like the rest of the FT coverage of this part of the world.