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n s rajaram: India now favored Jihadi recruiting ground

jun 5th, 2008

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From: N.S.Rajaram

June 4, 2008
    I had noted in my American Thinker article on Sonia Gandhi ("Sonia Gandhi's reluctant war on terror") that the her softness towards Islamic terrorists would Islamists to shift their activities to India. Sonia Gandhi has even gone to the extent of supporting SIMI, with the UPA Government lifting the ban only to reimpose it later.
    let us face the reality: the last thing that Sonia wants is for the Government to vigorously pursue the Islamists and upset what appears to be a tacit understanding between her and the Jihadis to leave each other alone.
    Here are the articles of interest:
N.S. Rajaram
HuJI man spills the beans

Sumit Saxena | New Delhi

Indians trained in Pakistan, routed through Bangladesh

Now, Harkat-ul-Jihad-al Islami (HuJI) is using Indians to take the lives of their fellow countrymen in terror-related activities. Contrary to popular perception that most terror operations in India are carried out by Pakistani or Bangladeshi operatives, a recently-arrested HuJI militant has revealed that his outfit recruits local youth for spreading terrorism and for providing human resources and other logistic support.

This revelation by Mohammed Iqbal alias Abdur Rehman, a HuJI militant arrested recently in the national Capital with significant quantities of RDX, has sent alarm bells ringing in the intelligence agencies. According to sources in Delhi Police's special cell, youth drawn from various parts of the country are sent illegally into Pakistan for training and then used to carry out explosions and other destructive acts within India. In this context, many central Asian countries have become a favoured route for terrorist organisations to send militants to various training camps in Pakistan, the sources added.

"To overcome growing international pressure, the ISI wants to recruit more Indians for their operations. The Pakistani agency is doing it to sway away the needle of suspicion from Pakistan and Bangladesh. HuJI has stopped recruiting Bangladeshi nationals for its operations in India and security agencies have discovered that the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) has emerged as a strong support base for providing human resources and other logistic support to HuJI," said police sources.

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