Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pentagon Video of Fight at Pak-Afghan Border

Well, it's mainly a video of the Pak insurgents being bombed.

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karyakarta92 said...

Yeah, watch those buggers light up
:-) Nice work USA. Support Our troops.
This is a nice precedent to be emulated by the Indian military
with respect to Jihadi butchers in
Pakistan & Bangladesh. Every year, tons of Indian military ordnance is "trashed"/retired because it has outlived its shelf life. IMHO, this ordnance should not be allowed to go to salvage yards.
The Indian taxpayers' investment should not be wasted in this manner. It can be put to better use, especially on the eastern front - where Yankee weapons have not made their way yet.
So, once a year, let the Army/IAF pick a date, say Gandhi Jayanti etc and randomly use this "old" ordnance for some fireworks over
"Bangladesh". It would be quite satisfactory to watch video of that punitive action, pulverising the Jihadi enemy to dust.