Tuesday, June 10, 2008

why no fine for causing a suicide because of the bandh?

jun 10th, 2008

especially when the dead person is an innocent mohammedan. i guess e. ahamed hasn't heard about this. or maybe it's because it's only a woman, worth half of a man. or because when communists kill mohammedans (see nandigram), the kkkangress and its chamchas are silent. who knows? yea, it is written that the ways of the dhimmis are mysterious.

In Mumbai, a few years ago, 'concerned citizens' filed cases against the
BJP and the Shiv Sena for calling a bandh on the issue of terrorism
after bomb blasts in the city. The High Court and the Supreme Court
accept the 'concern' of these citizens and fined the two parties Rs 20
lakhs each. It would seem that there are no 'concerned citizens' in
Kolkatta, or that they have decided to be silent in this case.


Bandh leads to suicide

Krishnagar, June 9: A woman killed herself last night after her husband
pronounced talaq on her, refusing to believe she had been late returning
home because of the back-to-back bandhs last week.
Chimatan Bibi, 42, had gone to see her brother's pregnant daughter at
Behrampore State General Hospital on June 4. The bandhs - one called by
the Left Front and the other by the Trinamul Congress - fell on June 5
and 6.
Chimatan had no choice but to stay back at her brother's home. When she
returned to her Nadia home on Saturday night, husband Rahim Sheikh, 50,
demanded the reason for the delay.
"He refused to accept her explanation and pronounced the triple talaq,
asking her to leave the house within a couple of days. This might have
led the woman to end her life," said Manas Chowdhury, the officer in
charge of Thanarpara police station.
Januara Bibi, wife of Chimatan's brother, had accompanied her to Nadia.
She told the police that Rahim had pronounced talaq in her presence.
On Sunday night, Chimatan drank pesticide at her Karimpur home, 180km
from Calcutta.

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