Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hindu man burnt for dating ROP woman

In London, that is. Quick - Lallu Yadav (Peace Be Upon Him), rush a Bangali psec judge to the British Isles to expound on the infamous theory of spontaneous combustion. Will Manmohan Singh lose any sleep for this Hindu victim of Jihad? I doubt it. The ROP has an exclusive right to perpetrate terror against infidels, especially when those infidels happen to Hindoo.

The ROP is indeed so "peaceful" that any infidel who dares to "encroach upon their turf" is to be dealt with in the excessively "compassionate" ways that uniquely distinguish the ROP even by the standards of violent binary cults.

The Jihadi worldview dictates that women are merely baby producing factories to be employed in the ultimate goal of establishing a global Islamic Caliphate by terror and silent demographic conquest. So, how dare that infidel Hindu
even contemplate misappropriating a resource that rightfully belongs to the ROP?

"Human rights", you say? They simply do not apply in this case. Infidels, by definition are "wicked" and sub-human and only Mohammedans can be "innocent". Hindu infidels are doubly offensive to the ROP by their very existence. Yes, The Book says so. And this wicked, sub-human infidel was potentially committing "genocide" against the ROP. How? Because every woman can potentially swell the ROP's numbers by a few dozen and the infidel's romantic liaison her was "killing" dozens of potential Mohammedans!

Now, that constitutes "genocide" in the Indian "secularist" lexicon. Cedric Prakash would nod his head in vigorous approval and Veerappa Moily, Digvijay Singh would advocate that the "diabolical Hindu fundamentalist bigot" be prosecuted in the International Court of Justice for crimes
against humanity. Because, by definition, the ROP is synonymous with "humanity". The Book says so. What do you think?

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Shahryar said...

Muslim men getting attacked by other Muslims for dating their daughter/sister/etc. is not uncommon - "honour" killings involving Kurds, Arabs, Bengalis, etc. are on record.

Fireball horror leaves man critical

18 June 2008

A FATHER is appealing for witnesses and information after his son was turned into a human fireball outside their house in Forest Gate.

Iqbal Arshed told the Recorder that his son, 20-year-old Furqan Iqbal, is in a critical but stable condition following the attack in St George's Road.

The 51-year-old, who runs a shop on the same road, said the incident happened at 6am on Thursday.

Furqan, who works in the security industry, was returning home after working a 12-hour shift.

Mr Arshed said that as his son got out of the car, an Asian man poured petrol over him and the car and set him alight, according to one witness, although Mr Arshed believes others could have been involved.

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