Friday, June 13, 2008

christists trying to incorporate aliens into their mythology

jun 12th, 2008

actually that would be quite difficult, as it is written explicitly that yhwh made man in his own image. (this is why christists don't cremate their dead but bury them, because they want them to 'rise to heaven' in their own moldy bone-fragments, odd as that sounds to any normal person.)

which means, as discussed before, yhwh is only the god of -- at most -- (some) humans. he ain't the god of the aliens. not surprising to us, considering that yhwh is only a tribal god. (see, it make a lot more sense to believe in a formless god).

no way christism can be made compatible with the discovery of extra-terrestrial intelligence. i covered this long ago in a column, 'children of a lesser god'.

but does this mean the christist church will collapse? of course not. they'll figure out new ways of dissembling, and will claim that they had been alien-friendly all along. i just love the idea of them evangelizing little green aliens, or better still, little spider-like aliens.

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karyakarta92 said...

This is hilarious! One christist padre said "Just as Jesus is human like you and I, you would find an alien-specific Jesus,"
HAHAHA, what a loser.
Another padre said
"God created many other intelligent beings on this planet, and they were not created in His image..... suggested that missionary work may be required, something the aliens may ...."

Idiot - how is proselytising among aliens any different from proselytising your corpse worshippig mumbo jumbo to animals here on planet earth. Didn't some "immutable" book state that these creatures lack souls? Do aliens have souls for christist harvesting?

Actually, it would be good if Mother Earth is rid of christism and all other binary death cults, to the extent that they have go seek converts among aliens and creatures hitherto considered

These creatures are intelligent all right. Predatory creatures like Wolves, Vultures, Hyenas, Leeches, Vampire bats ...etc have their own modus operandi of cunningly hunting their prey.
Christism has indeed been converted
to these predatory ways. Therefore, if the Vatican claims that their creed is close to Nature - it does have a grain of truth.