Tuesday, June 24, 2008

more obama spin: he ignores mohammedans, and the poor dears are upset :-(

jun 23, 2008

some idiot sent me mail recently that obama was a hindu supporter because he carried a small thai plastic hanuman in his pocket as a lucky charm. yeah, right. where do these guys have their brains? it's like another idiot who informed me that obama's mom's second husband soetoro was a "hindu from vietnam". his rationale: obama's half sister is called "maya". i despair with such clowns.

that must be like bobby jindal is a hindu supporter because he happily takes hindu-americans' money, but has converted himself and his hindu wife supriya to be extreme fundamentalist christists. and when two hindu phd students were murdered in cold blood in louisiana, jindal the wanna-be-white and christist bigot simply paid no attention to it even though he was governor-elect then.

i don't know whether to laugh or cry when reading about how mohammedans are "disappointed" by obama's refusal to embrace them. what did they expect? http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/24/us/politics/24muslim.html?th=&emc=th&pagewanted=all

after all if he's their manchurian candidate (funded by saudi and chinese money), the last thing he wants to do is to make it explicit and visible.

if he's not their manchurian candidate, why on earth would he want to embrace a small group and piss off a large number of conservative christist voters?

it's only in india that idiot politicians suck up to mohammedans who they know will never vote for them, thereby pissing off hindus who will also not vote for them.

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