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chidananda rajghatta: McCain vs Obama: Who’s better for India?

jun 8th, 2008

frankly, neither is particularly good for india. but i am deeply suspicious of obama, and his pakistani connections make me even more queasy about him. i still don't see why i shouldn't believe he's a manchurian candidate for the mohammedans. so he'e been to pakistan, and anyway by mohammedan reckoning he's a mohammedan (as he was born to a black mohammedan dad and a white mohammedan-convert mom -- i deduce that she must have converted because she married two mohammedans, and neither was decried as a false marriage by the indonesians, where she lived with her second husband).

this is not the only reason i am suspicious of him. i think he's a demagogue, a pied piper who's leading people up the garden path.

the only reason any yank would be good to india is out of self-interest. the stronger india's economy and military the better they'll treat us. the rejection of the nuclear deal will make them realize that hard-sell snake-oil sales is not going to work any longer, and/or they backed the wrong horse in manmohan singh.

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McCain vs Obama: Who's better for India?

8 Jun 2008, 0145 hrs IST,Chidanand Rajghatta ,TNN

In April this year, in an informal tete-a-tete at a California fundraiser, Barack Obama casually referred to a visit he had made to Pakistan during his college days, a sojourn that had never been mentioned before in public — not even in his two best-selling autobiographies. It turned out that he had a couple of Pakistani friends during his identity-forming, collegiate years, and on the way back from visiting his mother and half-sister in Indonesia once, he had stopped by in Pakistan and spent three weeks in Karachi and Hyderabad in Sind.

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