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trjawahar: A fatal fancy

jun 8th, 2008

what an unfortunate name for a right-thinking man poor jawahar has! he should change it like all the 'dravidians' did into something um... less loaded. actually jawaharlal justified the gibe that patel made about him that he was "the only nationalist mohammedan in india"!

anyway, the idol-worship by 'dravidians' is legendary. they used to have these sky-high cardboard cutouts on mount road, temples to that ruffian naicker and to some actress named khushboo. this just shows what nihilism does to people: you take away things of spiritual value, such as hinduism, and you are left with perverse idol-worship of worthless humans.

also does anyone remember that great minor character, "the toadie" in the classic "road warrior".

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Please enjoy Mr. Jawahar's takes on MK's Birthday and Dravidian Sycophancy.


A fatal fancy


Saturday, 07 June, 2008 , 02:09 PM


Point Blank

Crawler, yes-man, toady, slave, parasite, cringer, fawner, hanger-on, apple polisher, groveller, boot-licker, truckler, goody-goody, adulator, lackey, sponger...

an unflattering start indeed. Well these are synonyms to the ultimate flatterer, the Sycophant, whom the dictionary defines as 'a servile self-seeker who attempts to win favour by flattering influential people'. In the strict sense, a sycophant has a selfish motive in flattering someone. But many of those we routinely describe as sycophants have no such malicious intent and are often innocent or ignorant beings carried away by their adored object's perceived persona. In the current Indian political idiom s-phants, therefore, form a wider club than conceived by the English language, including in their sweep both the hardcore S and the misguided S with several shades of grey in between. Flattery, however, remains the common denominator.

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