Friday, June 13, 2008

chinese people are fascist and racist

jun 12th, 2008

just as pakistan's people -- ordinary people -- are terrorist supporters. this is reflected in the fact that civilian rulers are so supportive of terrorism against india that you actually miss that villain musharraf.

chinese people are racist jingoists.

there is no point ignoring these facts as indian idiots do lighting candles at wagah and waiting with marigold garlands for the chinese to invade.


indian_indian said...

The point to be noted is that it seems to be the nationalistic education system of China that has led to such pride in the young Chinese people. Quite unlike India where all the history textbooks seem to portray Indians as inferior. Indians should start with revising their textbooks and escaping the grasp of the Commie historians.

Non Carborundum said...

Any keen observer of the mongoloid race would see that communism is well suited for them. China is a nation of over a billion compliant robots that blindly follow a few leaders imposed from above. This is a barbarian race and there is no sympathizing or negotiating with them . They are "enmassed and purposeless, marching in a perfect line" (song "Mastermind" by Megadeth).