Tuesday, June 17, 2008

rewarding soldiers with neglect and derision: part of conspiracy to demoralize the armed forces

jun 17th, 2008

jawaharlal said india didn't need an army, only a police force, as, after all, the chinese were our brothers.

famous last words.

his dynasty and the communists are now trying to destroy the only decent institution left in india (the executive, the judiciary, the media, are all corrupt). a lot of this is because the majority of the people dying for the country are hindus and sikhs. mohammedans don't join the military much, and christists generally don't either: why should they die when hindus and sikhs will die for them? it's the tragedy of the commons. so the hindus/sikhs in the army are disposable.

i once wrote that a compulsory draft must be imposed. http://inhome.rediff.com/news/2000/aug/31rajeev.htm when the children of the bigwigs in delhi are turned into hamburger by their beloved jihadi terrorists, there will be a quick solution to the kashmir problem, the china problem, the maoist problem, etc.



In defence of our nation's defenders

Harsh V. Pant

It was with a sense of disbelief that one heard, a few days back, the Indian minister of state for defence, sitting in his cozy air-conditioned seminar room, pontificating that "it is unbecoming" of former soldiers to protest against the treatment meted out to them by the government. So here's a non-soldier making a public protest. One hopes that it is not below the dignity of the minister to read this.

The minister would not have dared to make such a comment had the protestors been a part of his or his party's vote bank. The fact that Indian armed services do not go public with their grievances does not mean that they do not have any concerns and the fact that they have been forced to come to the streets should make the minister and his government acknowledge how desperate the situation might be.

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