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Social Cause Newsletter issue dated June 1-15, 2008

jun 8th, 2008

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June 1-15, 2008 issue of 'Social Cause' is now available at


It contains the following items


"Coming together is beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

                                                                                                                              - Henry Ford


Nalanda to move from ruins to riches
3,500 km range Agni-III missile test-fired successfully
India to get first e-passport in June
Nine Kashmiri Pandit families return to J & K after 20 years exile
Agriculture growth rate in Gujarat at 12 pc: Modi
108-ft Annamayya statue sculpted in just 108 days!
India to repair Myanmar's most-revered shrine
Indians largest group to get British citizenship in 2007
Ramdev on a Vedic cruise in China
Indians greenest citizens of the world!
India not doing much to preserve biodiversity: WWF
Rainwater harvesting law's in place, but who will act on it?
On Jaipur's night of terror, strangers became family, in flesh and blood
10,000 Argentineans light candles for Jaipur blasts victims
When the going gets tough, can't just run away
After blasts, Rajasthan govt targets illegal Bangladeshi migrants
Executing Afzal will hurt Sarabjit's chances, says Patil
Shortage of blood: Banks don't maintain buffer stock
Allowance for gallantry awardees hiked
Army moves 5,000 additional troops near LoC
India throws open Arunachal to tourists
Arunachal not enough, now China wants Sikkim
Tip of Sikkim is latest India-China flashpoint
Pranab to take up border issues during China visit
China mounts cyber attacks on Indian sites
Massive Chinese missile site uncovered
China blocks thousand of Hindus from Tibet pilgrimage
India to give China $5 million relief package for quake victims
India discovers benefits of aid diplomacy
1 million Chinese to swamp Tibet: Dalai Lama
China bans free plastic bags
India tops world murder count
India's a bad place to be a mum
Lifestyle diseases to cost India $237 bn by 2015
US most competitive, India ranked 29th in the world
World Bank provides $ 600 million for India
Are judges holidaying at public expense?
Amnesty slams Reds for land violence
Quota fallout: Merit goes for a toss in GATE entrance
Free haircuts for school students in Jharkhand
RSS schools plan to teach in English
Turban row: 93 want to leave school
HC order denying Sikhs minority status stayed
Deoband first: A fatwa against terrorism
Govt. wants Muslim officials in Muslims areas
Now, 'Marginalisation of Muslims' in NCERT text book
Sachar: HC asks govt, aren't you appeasing, what about majority?
SC breather for AP on reservations for Muslims
Minorities need greater access to education: Sonia
PM agrees to consider SC status for 'backward' Muslims
Bangladeshi immigrants corner NE funds
Bangladesh citizenship right divides Biharis
Muslim gangs taking over UK prisons: Report
Imperial holdover: Gurkhas flock to British army
Scholar says there was road to Lanka
Damaging Ram Setu will leave scars like Babri Masjid, SC told
We don't go to sun to worship it, Swamy tells apex court
Can Ram Setu be monument, asks SC                                                                                      


Articles - Blasts in Jaipur
Only zero tolerance can end terror - Swapan Dasgupta
On Jaipur, a familiar refrain - S. Gurumurthy
Jaipur blasts: No unique signature - B. Raman
A vicious circle of terrorism - B. Raman
Not just a claim, a manifesto for Jihad - Praveen Swami
Terrorism: tilting at windmills - Praveen Swami
Bangladesh immigrants stoke terror in India - Sreeram Chaulia
We have to learn to let live - Francois Gautier
Retaliatory deterrent action against terrorists' political objectives - Dr. Subramanian Swamy
The myth of zero tolerance of terror - Sudheendra Kulkarni
This war that nobody is fighting - Tavleen Singh
To catch a terrorist - Shishir Gupta
The road from Jaipur - Dhruva Jaishankar
Jaipur to Raipur - Chandan Mitra
The horror of Jaipur - Amita Malik
Jaipur attacks a fallout of new setup in Pak - S. Viswam
Fighting terrorism - Not possible with Congress in power - Editorial, The Pioneer
Bangladeshis are a threat to security - Editorial, The Pioneer
Clueless NSA passes the buck - Editorial, The Pioneer
Terror from the East - Editorial, The Times of India
Challenges from Jaipur - Editorial, The Hindu
Intelligence lapse in Jaipur - Editorial, The Economic Times
Security challenges - Editorial, Deccan Chronicle
Costly complacency - Editorial, Deccan Chronicle
Intelligence system in the country needs to be beefed up - Editorial, Deccan Herald
Jaipur blasts call for intelligence overhaul - Editorial, The Tribune
The POTA debate: Let professionals decide - The Statesman
Terrible Tuesday - Editorial, The Hindustan Times
The price of terror - Editorial, The Hindustan Times
Expose the jihadis and their harbingers - Editorial, Organiser
Terror vending machines - The Times of India
Chronology of major bomb attacks in India - The Times of India
We need a central agency - A G Noorani
India needs a federal agency - Joginder Singh
It'll be easy to make CBI an Indian FBI - Nitish Sengupta
New FBI-type agency is a bad idea - Indranil Banerjie
POTA is a draconian law and against human rights - M.G. Devasahayam
Counter terror with justice - Mukul Sharma
Soft approach is harming nation - T. Ananthachari
Why a 'Jaipur' will never happen in USA - N.D. Batra
Fight the war on New Terrorism to the finish - B.S. Raghavan
Terror, violence and desensitisation - Jayanthi Natarajan
The next terror attack could be from the sea - Arun Kumar Singh
Get to the basics - Ajai Sahni                                                                                                    


Articles - Gujjar Stir
Gujjar protests highlight the perils of caste-based quotas - Editorial, The Times of India
Gujjar agitation brings pitfalls of patronage politics - Editorial, The Economic Times
Rajasthan redux - Editorial, The Hindu
Sequel is always worse - Editorial, The Indian Express
Passing the buck won't help - Editorial, The Tribune
The price of failing to engage Gujjars politically - Pratap Bhanu Mehta
BJP's caste politics and the Gujjars - Neena Vyas
Violence at our doorstep - Tavleen Singh                                                                                     


Articles - Women Reservation
EC-endorsed 'Manushi Bill' is far better - Madhu Kishwar
Let EC leave the bill to women - Kumudini Pati
Why India must make haste to welcome Stree Shakti - Sudheendra Kulkarni
Women's bill faces a bumpy road ahead - Nitish Sengupta
Consensus on women's Bill missing - Editorial, The Tribune                                                         


Articles - Indo-China Relations
At every turn, China ups the ante - Balbir K. Punj
Games China plays - Shantonu Choudhry
China's nuclear subs: No need to be hysterical - Inder Malhotra
China's submarine caves - Raja Mohan
Credibility of India's regional maritime power at stake - Premvir Das
UN Security Council seat: China outsmarts India - Sreeram Chaulia
While India sleeps, Chinese threat grows - Bharat Verma
Can India and China dance? - Shashi Tharoor
'It's time to wake up to Chinese incursions' - Kiren Rijiju                                                               


Editorial Comments
Good citizen - The Telegraph
Phoenix on Mars - Business Standard
Solar energy commission proposed to help meet future energy needs - The Times of India
Minority or not: SC comes to the aid of SGPC - The Tribune
Best weapons Army's birthright - The Tribune
Soldier short-changed, again - The Statesman
While indicting politicians, the PM's solution is questionable - Deccan Herald
Patil is a disgrace. He must resign - The pioneer                                                                         


Book Review
Review of Manohar Malgonkar's "The Men Who Killed Gandhi" - N.S. Rajaram                               


Humble Homage
Irena Sendler: Saviour of 2,500 children                                                                                       


Voice of the People
Does Gujjar stir highlight the perils of caste-based quotas?                                                          


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have been appalled by what they call benignly sexism in USA- Mrs Clinton is openly called a 'bitch', she has been a pain in the ass, a clinton and so on, though she has displayed a lot of courage that gets 18 million votes in spite of media criticism. In reflection, I am forced to think of Communists, Islamists all around, and thugs for their attitude and vision.

So the women reservation may be futuristic, it is safeguard against the future.

But a proud society has no basis for this idiotic idea of women reservation.

Madhu Kiswar mentions part of the problem in

The other part is it is about equality - Where women would aspire to catch up with men, and be like men - for most progressive women, it means getting another source of income into the family, getting a bit of dirty political action.

For progressives, it means they have say inside your family - The congregation of dalals(political) now stand stronger. Their bribed identity politics asides, it has no relation to working of the state. It is a new construction. I think the humanity depts are doing experiment in India. Thanks to Kumudini Patis of the world ( She has an article above), these women think they are changing the world. I have seen a lot of them, curtain eventually falls on them, changes hide their arrogant changes.