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Pushkar: 11th century Jain statue found and also 1000 year old shivling, karthikeya, etc

jun 8th, 2008

heavens, a mohammedan archaeologist said these things. so:

1. they must be true.
2. he will be the target of an edict from the mullahs in the near future.

incidentally, the ajmer dargah is clearly built on top of destroyed hindu and jain temples.

and there is no evidence that hindus attacked jain or buddhist shrines. that's poppycock made up by 'eminent historians'. when challenged by arun shourie, they were able to come up with only one example of a hindu king attacking a buddhist shrine (that is the exception that proves the rule). shashanka in kashmir attacked buddhist temples. but on further investigation it turned out shashanka attacked hindu temples also. apparently , he had some mohammedan advisors who were inducing him to loot temples!

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Date: Jun 6, 2008 7:07 PM
Subject: Pushkar: 11th century Jain statue found and also 1000 year old shivling, karthikeya, etc

Hindu baiters may not be happy with these statements:
"These new discovery shows that Jainism flourished well at the time of Hindu ruler Prithvi Raj Chouhan" and this
"The period is important because that was the time when the region was ruled by Hindu kings, and Ghajnis invaded the land,"
and this
"Pushkar was ruined by the invaders. "

Pushkar: 11th century Jain statue found
6 Jun 2008, 0455 hrs IST,Kshitiz Gaur,TNN

AJMER: A medium-sized black stone statue of 17th Jain Tirth-ankar Kuntunath, dating back to 11th century, has emerged during excavations in holy town of Pushkar, about 15 kms from here.

The statue is one of the more than 36 statues found in last one year at old Pushkar and Ghat areas of the region. The discoveries confirms of a religious congregation being held at the place some time in the medieval period.

Eighteen more such statues have been discovered in old Pushkar alone, including a Shivling of nearly one thousand year old, rare statue of god Kartikeya, statue of Vishnu and more Jain Tirthankar statues.
The statue of Jain Tirthankar Kuntunath in a meditating posture appeared when renovation work was going on at the famous Varaha temple in Pushkar. It bears characteristics of Jain architecture - curly hair, sharp features on face, etc. The style of meditation is also peculiar of Jain philosophy.

The statues have been kept in the government museum at Akbar Fort in Ajmer. Archaeologists and historians are studying different perspectives of new scripts of Chouhan dynasty of 11th century.

Two months ago, more than 20 statues were found during construction work on a personal land near Jat Vishramsthali behind the famous Bramha temple. The work containing scriptures in Ingal and Pingal, local dialects spoken during 10th century, and representing the meditation postures, dates between 6th and 11th centuries.

"These new discovery shows that Jainism flourished well at the time of Hindu ruler Prithvi Raj Chouhan,"said Akbar Fort museum superintendent Syeed Ajam Hussein. "Pushkar has the importance of multi-religious studies. The statues are in very good condition,"he said, adding that the statues bear pure art of Jain sculptures and therefore have significance for the scholars and archaeologists.
About 8 years ago, a metallic statue pertaining to Jain religion was also found in the area which dated back to more than two thousand years. "The period is important because that was the time when the region was ruled by Hindu kings, and Ghajnis invaded the land,"added Ajam.
"Pushkar is an ancient city and clues are there that Vikramaditya of 6th century had studied in Pushkar. The land has more treasure dug under it,"said a Pushkar-based archaeologist Rajendra Yagnik. "More than 4 times, the university at Pushkar was ruined by the invaders. This university was unique with Samkhya, Yoga and Jain philosophies being taught there,"he said, adding, "A group of Italian archaeologists also visited the place and gathered information of scriptures found here."  


zen said...

There are umpteen examples of hindus destroying jains and buddhist shrines in south particularly under the influence of shankaracharya in 7th/8th century AD.Tirupati balaji once a jain temple.Original statue is of Lord Neminath if you remove heavy ornaments.Ramanujam incited the king to convert same in the form of BALAJI.Ask VAISHNAvas.Even today, Girnarji, badrinath,Goa etc are examples of hindu intolerance.Why JAins can not construct its temple in Badrinath?

Harish said...

zen is lying, there is not a shred of evidence for tirupathi being a jaina temple, why don't this clown produce primary evidence instead of running his mouth off?

hindu "intolerance" was the one that gave shelter to jews, parsis, syrian xtians (even though they turned out to be backstabbing traitors) and most recently tibetan buddhists.

so this clown better learn some history.

nizhal yoddha said...

complete nonsense by this fellow zen. this business of destroying another faith's sacred spaces is strictly a semitic phenomenon, as they worship that jealous third-rate demiurge, yhwh. in hindu parlance, yhwh (aka ialdaboath the blind) would only be somewhere low in the hierarchy, like the vain and boastful indra, who could not tolerate any rival. yhwh is a lesser god, so he cannot bear the thought of a superior god. in fact the gnostic gospels talk of ialdaboath's mother chiding him when he claims that he is the true god. she exclaims that he is lying, and trying to usurp the place of the true god, the anthropos, his father. so lying and cheating and stealing comes easily to semites from the example of their god, the inferior, tribal yhwh/ialdaboath.

hindus simply did not need to destroy jain or buddhist shrines because they had an alternate mechanism: they would, with great honor, invite the jain and buddhist deities into the hindu pantheon. thus the acceptance of the tribal gods of puri as jagannath, for instance. if tirupati balaji was the jain neminath, that is an excellent example of the same. the worship of sarasvati in *every* jain temple is another example of the same. shall i claim that the jains swiped sarasvati from hindus? similarly, the deity at sabarimala, it is recorded by hsiuen tsang, was worshipped simultaneously as siva by hindus and as the avalokitesvara padmapani, the bodhisattva of compassion, by buddhists. i have with my own eyes seen the hindu temple complex at prambanan, indonesia, where it is hard to tell where the siva stories end and the buddhist stories begin. similarly, i have seen in the great temple at angkor wat the eight-armed vishnu who is now worshipped as the buddha. this is perfectly acceptable in indic religions, because they have pantheons where a new deity can be housed honorably; even in buddhism, there are the man bodhisattvas, as there are the many tirthankaras in jainism. so there's no mono-culture obsession with *one* jealous, third-rate god.

paradigm-shift, get it, inferior third-rate semite?

also, this whole bullshit about sankara destroying jain and buddhist temples is complete and utter tripe. sankara and whose army? when the christists went on their spree of destruction of roman temples they had constantine's army behind them. sankara did all his conversion by the power of his intellect: he *debated* the buddhists into submission.

all this is hard for christists and communists to understand, because their mental framework is based on imperialist death cults.

ironically, the padres get very upset about this, because they'd with great pomp and circumstance give the entire jesus mythology to some poor hindu, who would nod and 'accept jesus'. he would then go home, and put the idol of jesus in his pantheon shrine where it belonged -- alongside the local, lowly, primitive, tribal gods like the tree spirits, the yakshis and chattans and maruthas! the hindu instinctively understands the proper place that jesus and yhwh deserve.

nizhal yoddha said...

what ialdaboath's mother told him: no wonder he hates women, because they put him in his place.

Ialdaboath, becoming arrogant in spirit, boasted himself over all those who were below him, and explained, "I am the father, and God, and above me there is no one," his mother hearing him speak thus, cried out against him: "Do not lie, Ialdabaoth, for the father of all, the primal Anthropos, is above you, and so is Anthropos, the son of Anthropos."

Anonymous said...

thus the acceptance of the tribal gods of puri as jagannath

Rajeev, the tribal story is misleading because of the history starting with 2000BCE. I am ignoring the modern distortions that unfortunately people like Zen bring in.

1-The popular story where the 'shabara' worshipped Nilamadhava started in a different manwantara ( people usually don't write this). So this is not same as modern history. By the time Indradyumna went to get Brahma to the earth, all these manwantaras had passed.The supposed lineage of Biswabasu shabara are still serving the lord. This was a center of hinduism.

People over ages have destroyed all their ego here- One great king once asked to lord, please don't give any children to me so that no body prides for this work. Which lineage we are talking here ?

3-Gods in hinduism are not identified by modern formulations. There is no tribal god. The Jagganath can only be bound to his devotees, this has been the message and the story. It is an invention of materialists and professors drinking beer in campuses to talk an ossified and parallel division. Brahma is all powerful, our Bhakti to the lord would destroy all ossification that the professors have taught us.

3- Madhava is name of Lord Vishnu. Nilamadhava as you would describe the lord in ananta sayana.Lord Jagannath is considered daru brahma.

Our prayer before the lord.

Sri Jagganath swami.

r2 said...

zen - i have three prime parcels of land (and tolerant people of course unlike those intolerant Hindus) if you are interested. 1. First is in mecca, saudi arabia - willing to give you for fairly cheap
2. Second in Vatican, in fact inside St. Pauls cathedral, may be a little pricier given thousands of years of loot around
3. Third - and this may the best option imho - in beijing very close to the party headquarters. you may not own the land but those tolerant people will be willing to sell a long term lease.
My commission can be discussed later, an artificially low currency will work as well. And my advice to you is dont hang around in India with its "intolerant" people come to the above mentioned semitic lands of tolerance or enjoy han "hospitality" like we provided to tibetan and uighur brothers. RIP

Aryan said...

i don't know if ancient Hindus were intolerant or not but now, having come across the last few comments, i am forced to accept that prsent day Hindus (esp those commenting here) here cannot exactly be termed as "tolerant".

suresh patil said...

dear all see history with open eyes the wife of balaji is jain temple see the clip
what about balaji ?

Dhanyakumar Jain said...

Its true tirupati is a jain temple............