Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sandhya jainn: Deoband's Dar-ul Islam

jun 17th, 2008

i must disagree with sandhya here. i don't think there's any mindset change amongst the mohammedans. the deoband declaration is al-taqiyah (lying for the benefit of mohammedanism) in action. if you read the fine print, you'll probably find that 'terrorism' is defined as 'attacks on "innocents"', and 'innocents' is defined as 'non-combatant mohammedans' strictly. so that killing hindus would not be prohibited under this new edict.

even though i agree that the yanks are pretty amoral and have propped up pakistan, i fail to see how bhai-bhai with mohammedans against yanks is going to help the BJP or hindus. the BJP tried to appease mohammedans in 2004, yet practically all of them voted against the BJP.

unless, of course, sandhya is practising a bit of al-taqiyah herself, or putting into practice the chanakyan idea of 'bhedam' or dividing up the enemy camp. it would be good to separate the 'moderates' (if they exist at all) from the 'extremists'.

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Deoband's Dar-ul Islam

By Sandhya Jain (10/06/2008)
Deoband's May 31, 2008, fatwa against terrorism marks official Islam's most significant departure from the phase of unproductive violence adopted by this beleaguered faith since the advent of Western colonialism, particularly in the last two centuries. Though slow in coming, the decision by Indian Islam's leading seminary to repudiate terrorism as a "most inhuman crime" was not unexpected; it may mark modern Islam's first decisive move towards demarcating the religious sphere from the polity, thereby facilitating believers to live without mental discomfort in non-Muslim societies.

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