Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Han chinese enter Sikkim, Army says its "routine"

Its bad enough that Manmoron and Co keep bleating "China is a friend" (in line with the great JN), its truly alarming when the Indian Army says so too.

The recent move of the PLA seems like an effort on the Chinese part to assert their claims over the area.

Seeking to downplay the incident, Indian Army sources said these transgressions were "a routine affair" in which the PLA personnel violate India's perception of the 4,057-km long Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China.

The PLA men reportedly entered the Finger Area on light motor vehicles and later returned to Chinese territory, sources said.

If our only hope against a full scale invasion puts up its feet and allows the Hans to enter, what are ordinary indians to do?
Do we have to be mentally prepared to let go of what's left too???
I despair


Shankar said...

Lok Sabha Elections indicated for November-December

Check out the main news in Chindu today!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember, someone in this blog mentioned that the indian army shits in its pants when it comes to china. I don't think it was well received . That's fine. I understand truth hurts.

I have told this many times and I am telling again. Indian Army has been mentally defeated forever in 1962.

I would urge Nizhal Yodha and his group of editors to stop posting such news. What's the point in reminding us of the impotence of our army. It is not as if debating here is going to change anything.

kp11 said...

tambidude, are you sure you are not projecting your mental defeat on the army?

Our army has always fought bravely. But if politicians, sly jackals that they are, and I am sure you can identify with them, shit in their pants, what is army to do?

You think army has taken some resonibilty to protect scumbags like you and your folks dont you. while you can mouth, think and behave in any nonsensical manner, army should be on its guard, protecting cowards and their ilk. For what? what if they turn around and say 'hey tambidude, escapist, cant you select better politicians to lord over us?' what will you say?

Eternalsoul said...

China gets bolder each and every passing day. And India is forever the cringing lily.I am sure we are set to lose heavy tracts of our land to China before Sonia and Co are thrown from their gaddi, if ever, that is!

Shahryar said...

Extract from
Shilpa Shetty trumps Arunachal again
by Arun Shourie: Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This weak-kneed government is a problem, of course: its nominal leaders have lifted helplessness to new heights. But the even graver problem now is that the one instrument by which it could be shaken up, the media, has become a problem of its own.

Make no mistake: China watches all this. It watches the feeble, confused, contradictory ways in which our government, and even more our society, reacts each time it advances a claim. And it pursues its policy:

• Claim;

• Repeat the claim;

• Go on repeating the claim;

• Grab;

• Hold;

• Let time pass.

And they will reconcile themselves to the new situation. Has the policy not succeeded in regard to Tibet? No Indian Prime Minister will dare mention the word ‘Tibet’ or ‘Taiwan’ — lest doing so offends China. But China will go on claiming what it wants — for reasons that we must understand!

But why think of Tibet and Taiwan? Has the six-step policy not succeeded in regard to Aksai Chin? In spite of the unanimous resolution that the Parliament passed at the time under Panditji, is there an Indian leader who will today demand that China hand back Aksai Chin? And do you think that when they deliberate over what they are to do in regard to Arunachal, the Chinese do not remember the success they have achieved in Aksai Chin?