Monday, June 30, 2008

guardian: Barack Obama and the Jesus Machine

jun 30th, 2008

obama sucks up to the jesus freaks. but at least one sees through the hypocrisy. not that he's an angel himself.

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Barack Obama and the Jesus Machine

Televangelist James Dobson has come out against Obama. But the Democrat might just carry religious voters with him anyway.

The news that Barack Obama has fallen foul of the conservative televangelist James Dobson - who came close to describing him as a fruitcake, a clear case of pots and kettles - may not be entirely bad news for the Democratic candidate.

Dobson, the founder of the Focus on the Family organisation, is arguably the most influential and feared spokesman for the religious right, if only for his access to a daily radio audience of 20 million Americans or his six million-strong mailing list. No wonder the journalist Dan Gilgoff called his book on the organisation The Jesus Machine.

From his 81-acre campus in Colorado Springs – which employs 1,200 people, a third of them answering callers who ring in with problems - Dobson daily booms out his message of a civil war of values and a frequently cranky not to say bizarre take on the world (Europe is pagan, SpongeBob SquarePants is gay, The Da Vinci Code was cooked up in hell, feminists are wicked).

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Those votes are up for grabs this year and Obama's message of hope may well resonate with them - whatever James Dobson says


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