Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the anti-feminine christist cult: The Role of Xianity in the Oppression of Women (1998)

jun 10th, 2008

godmens' slogan: "barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen". ideally also available for sexual predation.

oh, so mary wasn't a virgin after all. so much for divine birth and miracles. or so claims this feminist person. anyway, i have pointed out before, the bible is full of bullshit added by every passing scribe and translator, even if you charitably conclude the original was good stuff: see http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2005/12/npr-how-christism-was-made-up-as-it.html

actually there is no particularly good reason to conclude the original bible was good stuff either, as it was a hoax made up by paul/saul and pals, but rhetorically and charitably one could say that.

i like all this stuff about 'x' and Q :-) amazing, isn't it, the feminists have come close to describing the hindu ideal of the impersonal, undifferentiated, indescribable, surely genderless brahman, the "it" of the upanishads. tat tvam asi. anybody who thinks about it for two minutes will surely come to the same conclusion, that the true god is *not* male, *not* female, in fact it can only be defined as "not this, not this", ie. neti, neti because it is by nature beyond description. feminists, hinduism is the religion for you -- rush to the nearest arya samaj and convert officially!

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The Role of Xianity in the Oppression of Women (1998)


By Jennifer Drouin

This article is from http://www.infidels.org/


For almost the last two thousand years, there has been one single institution which has had a significantly powerful realm of control and oppression over the everyday lives of the majority of individuals, especially women, in Western Europe and subsequently North America. This insidious institution is the Roman Catholic Church, or, in fact, Christianity.


It should be obvious that xianity has committed a serious crime in that it has severely limited the development of humanity over the past two thousand years, especially the development and equality of women. These crimes have taken on several forms, from the promotion of religious catechism with no scientific basis to the real rape and destruction of the lives of innumerable young boys. The support of dogma that xian leaders knew to be false, such as the virgin myth, has been directly responsible for the subjugation of women and their unequal status in society. In fact, much of the Bible, especially the Old Testament is a "handbook for the subjugation of women", and xian leaders have done nothing to correct the falsehoods written in this "holy" text.


Why has this patriarchal, oppressive institution survived for so long and successfully continued its immoral activities without opposition? The answer to this puzzling conundrum is simple: for the same reason that xian leaders successfully profited from its subjects by selling indulgences. Xianity is based on the exploitation of people's rational fear of the unknown, their fear of "the undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveler returns". Xianity abuses the natural, human fear of death in order to maintain its reign of power over the general population.


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