Sunday, June 15, 2008

Karzai Josey Wales

Way to go - Karzai is spot on with his hot pursuit threat. If the Pakistanis keep asserting that the border cannot be controlled; well, it cannot be controlled both ways.

I suspect this message may be coming out of Karzai's mouth - but was actually drafted in America. Perhaps the State department was not in on this one. Maybe Bush has come into his senses on Pakistan and stopped trusting those idiots at Foggy Bottom - or better yet maybe Robert Gates has not outgrown his CIA years.

It is high time India started training it's own suicide bomber squads to rattle Pakistan. It is not hard to do - most Islamists love money - which India has a lot more of than Pakistan. We can also send some of it to the Uighurs while we are at it. That will teach Middle Kingdom a couple of lessons too!

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