Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HH the Maharani of Travancore passes away

jun 11th, 2008

here is a message of condolence that was forwarded to me by someone.

the maharajas of travancore were among the most enlightened rulers in india, certainly miles better than the 'netas' of today.

HH the Maharani's daughters, the Princesses Gauri Parvati Bai and Gauri Laxmi Bai, continue in the tradition of graciousness and nobility.

Because of the matrilineal nature of the Travancore royal family, the new Maharani is the elder Princess. the Maharajas rule(d) in the name of the family, and succession is through the women.

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Dear CRR,

After the visible outpouring of grief by the people of Trivandrum and
the personal tribute by HH the Maharaja  himself in Malayala Manorama,
no further attempt is necessary to pay a tribute to the Maharani.
Suffice it to say that she was universally admired for her beauty,
accomplishments and courage by every one who met her. Recently Shashi
remarked that she spoke perfect Oxford English even when she could
hardly speak. She broke many comventions, but she was a great believer
in traditions as evidenced in her dress, manners and devotion to Sree
Padmanabha. I enjoyed every conversation with her as she was full of
dignity, poise and charm. The last time I saw her in the hospital, she
was not different.I felt that she had the stamina to get up and walk
once again.

I had the opportunity to spend some time with HH the Maharaja in the
hospital soon after she breathed her last. More than anything else, he
was proud of her and he recounted many instances of her affection for

The tributes paid to her by people at different levels showed that she
had endeared herself to the people at large. The way she went out to
meet people even after her old riding injury and age had taken a toll
must have made a deep impression on them.

Significantly, she passed away in the centenary year of Col Godavarma
Raja, who himself was a living legend in his life time.

Once again, our heartfelt condolences to the royal family.


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