Tuesday, June 24, 2008

kerala mohammedan's offspring strongly racist against hindus

jun 24th, 2008

mahathir mohammed, son of a kerala mohammedan, is more malay and more mohammedan fundie than anybody else.

a bit like bobby jindal who just hates hindus and indians.

also like all the kerala christists who are the storm troopers of the vatican in evangelizing all over india.

why are kerala semites like this? is there some deep-seated psychosis?

under fire from exiled Hindraf

Ahti Veeranggan | Jun 21, 08 7:12pm

Dr Mahathir Mohamad came under fire today for suggesting that the Hindu
Rights Action Force (Hindraf) was made up of Tamil racists.

Exiled Hindraf leader P Waytha Moorthy slammed the former premier's racist
attack as "typical of Mahathir trying to erase all his wrongdoings during
his 22-year dictactor-like rule as the country's fourth prime minister."

All Malaysians, he said, know that Mahathir was single handedly responsible
for wiping out the impartiality of the legislative, judiciary and executive
powers through widespread abuse or power, corruption, nepotism and cronyism
as well as destroying racial harmony in multi racial Malaysia.

"We are disappointed but not surprised by Mahathir's remarks. He is bent to
safeguard his personal agenda rather than Malaysian interests", Waytha
Moorthy added.

In a blog post this week, Mahathir chided MIC president Samy Vellu for
campaigning alongside DAP chairperson Karpal Singh and former UN special
rapporteur Param Cumaraswamy in calling him (Mahathir) a racist.

He criticised Samy Vellu for requesting the government to release the five
Hindraf leaders detained under the Internal Security Act despite the fact
that Hindraf represented Tamil racists, whose motives were akin to Tamil
Tigers in Sri Lanka and were seeking their former British colonial masters
to protect them and did not believe in Malaysian institutions.

"Hindraf speaks not just of Indians but of Tamils as a separate race.
Hindraf and its apologists are racist to the core," Mahathir wrote.

"His racial sling shots hurled at others will not undo the damage he had
done to the country, nor will it address his failures as premier to provide
equal and fair education, business, economic and religious opportunities to
all, especially Malaysian Indians," said Waytha Moorthy in his online
posting to his Makkal Sakti supporters, as Hindraf is popularly known now.

*Indians conveniently ignored*

Pointing out that Hindraf represents the oppressed and suppressed Malaysians
of Indian origin, so systematically marginalised over the years, he stressed
that the struggle for equality and fairness goes beyond race, religion,
creed and skin colour.

The administrations under both Mahathir and current Prime Minister Abdullah
Ahmad Badawi, Waytha Moorthy said, have conveniently ignored and swept under
the carpet the plight and grievances of Indian Malaysians raised by Hindraf
over the years.

"However, Mahathir will continue with his usual antics to divert attention
from his wrongdoings which are all being uncovered now," said the exiled
Hindraf chairperson.

Waytha Moothy's brother Uthayakumar, Kota Alam Shah state rep M Manoharan, R
Kenghadharan, V Ganabatirau and T Vasantha Kumar are being detained in
Kamunting Detention Centre, Taiping since last Dec13 last after organising a
mammoth rally in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25 against perceived marginalisation
and discrimination of Malaysians of Indian origin.

MIC deputy president G Palanivel has rebuked Mahathir's wrong perception on
Hindraf and reminded the former premier "to remember his own roots" before
making such statements, obviously referring to the former premier's
forefathers, who are from South India.

It is an open secret that Mahathir's father, a school teacher, migrated to
Malaysia from the southern Indian state of Kerala and subsequently married a
Malay woman.

Waytha Moorthy likened Mahathir's continuous political and racial bickering
as 'a broken record' failing to seek solutions on the grievances of the
oppressed and suppressed Indian Malaysians.

Hindraf's goal, he pointed out, was to defend and protect Indian Malaysians
in their quest for equal and fair participation in the educational,
religious and economic spheres, and to set themselves free from the current
oppressive system practiced by the ruling administration that clearly defied
basic human right and freedom.


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