Sunday, June 22, 2008

India's #1 - in Murder

India has managed to come first in yet another category -- murder rate.


hokiepride said...

Thats the total number of murders, not the murder rate. That dubious distinction belongs to South Africa. In fact our murder rate is slightly less than that of the US.

Shahryar said...

Number of people murdered in 2005: 55,000

If India topped the murder statistics in 2006, it is only because figures for Brazil were not available. But figures for the previous year and reports of murders rising further mean there is no way India can dislodge Brazil from its deadly perch.

While 3 people per 1,00,000 are killed every year in India, Brazil's murder rate is 10 times more than that of India and translates to roughly six persons being killed every hour. In terms of civilian casualties, this is second only to Iraq, a war zone. This nation of close to 200 million people is a prime example of how class-divide fuels crime. The country is littered with urban slums, which even the law enforcement agencies refuse to enter.