Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Canucks "apologise" for extermination of native Americans in Canada

Since this "apology" comes after the fact, namely the decimation of Native Americans over the centuries, it is a really lame and insincere "apology".
Only the sons of abraham (or ishmaeeel - whatever..) can invent such atrocities - as piercing tongues for not speaking the christist language. I've heard of the infamous "Indian schools" of the American Southwest where Native Americans had to go under duress for indoctrination
in christism. The stated punishment for not going was: cutting off the "heathen's" feet.

The common thread in all these fake "apologies" by Christists (Australia, Africa, South America) for annihilating native cultures around the world is that the "apology" is always tendered after achieving total extermination of the natives.

During John Paul's last visit to India, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, incidentally had demanded that he apologise for the Goa inquisition and christist genocide against Hindu civilisation. No such expression of regret was forthcoming, of course for the following reason: Hindu civilisation has not yet been annihilated in toto. Hinduism fights back - therefore, it is a "legitimate" target for the Semitic types to demonise, dominate and destroy.

But, some such expression of "regret" may be expressed if and when Hindus have been reduced to say, 3% of India's population by aggressive evangelism. Ratzy or whatever "father" succeeds him as Ghoul in chief may in fact issue a qualified expression of remorse, for example: "The heathen Hindus did make a contribution to spiritualism. Hindu ideas like Yoga and meditation prepare humanity for Yesu" or other such drivel.

Christism is indeed a "Religion of Love". I'll grant them this - They do have a tradition of introspection after perpetrating horrendous genocide.
The "Religion of Peace" does not have even such that fig leaf.

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