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tarun vijay: The certifiers

jun 20th, 2008

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The Times of

The certifiers

20 Jun 2008

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Suppose in a distant city of India, a college had announced 80 per cent reservation for Hindus and had said it would lower the admission criteria for disadvantaged Hindus by 25 per cent. The secular sirens of the media class would have rushed there, braving weather and bad roads, and their first question to the principal and his masters would have been: "Aren't you ashamed to bruise and brutalise the spirit of the Constitution while enjoying the fruits of it?"


But since the college in question is St Stephen's, the mecca of all that is good and shining, the seculars are looking the other way over the arrogant orders of the bishop, who has targeted Hindus again like his British proselytizer masters of the colonial era.

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Sameer said...

Hi all,

This is off-topic.
Has anyone seen the Tamil (and released in other languages) movie Dasavataram?

I am told that there is some absurdity in the movie where in they show that a Shaivite king tortures and kills a Vaishnavite.
I was told by my friends that there is a scene in which the king asks the hero (Kamalahasan) to repeat 'Om Namah Shivayah' and the hero being a vaishnavite repeats something on God Vishnu and he is killed. I am sure this is a mischief to showcase that Hindus were also responsible for killing each other and also perhaps to mask the original wherein the character might have been a muslim and later changed as it was not 'secular' and hurt the 'sentiments'.
Hinduism is a religion which never spread by force (which cannot be.. as it cannot be ...unlike some death cults) and the movie shows a Hindu (Shaivite) 'converting' a Vaishnavite.
I realised that this movie would be crap when I first read in the reviews about the 'torture' and later heard from friends about it.

Shankar said...

I consider TVR Shenoy as the best among right-leaning writers in India today. Tarun Vijay should learn from him.