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Colonizers of Latin America killed native men en masse, impregnated native women

jun 8th, 2008

the pakistanis who were trying to 'improve' the genes of 'inferior' bangladeshi women by mass rape and impregnation were just doing a mohammedan version of the 'genetic improvement' done by european christists in latin america.

just like genghiz khan went about impregnating some thousands of women during the course of his travels.

i guess barbarians all have the same idea as lions. when a new alpha lion takes over a pride, it kills all the babies carrying the genes of the previous alpha lion; and all the lionesses come into heat the same time so they can be impregnated by the new big guy.

i am sure the padres would have come up with great excuses for why the extermination of native genes was a good thing. sons of shem and ham, probably, which was their excuse for apartheid and slavery. i guess the christists didn't follow this model in india as there were simply too many hindus around. of course, this is the model that is behind the 'aryan' invasion poppycock -- the assumption that the invaders would mate with local women and overwhelm the gene pool. unfortunately for the witzels, the gene pool shows no such dramatic change in india.

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Study suggests European colonizers of Latin America mated with indigenous
women after killing their men en masse

Genes of Americas reflect history, Sat, 22 Mar 2008 11:54:18

Colonizers changed gene pool in Latin America

Results of a new genetic study support arguments that European colonizers
of Latin America were determined to exterminate native men.

The genetic study of seven Latin American countries, ranging from Chile to
Mexico, suggests that European colonizers mated with indigenous women
after killing their men en masse.

"It is a very sad and terrible historical fact, they were basically

"Not only did the European settlers take away land and property, they also
took away the women and, as much as possible, they exterminated the men,"
said Professor Andres Ruiz-Linares of University College London, who led
the study conducted by universities across Latin America, the US and

The study also shows that the European colonization of the American
continent which began in the late 15th century caused dramatic genetic
change in local population.

But, the study points out, some regions like Mexico City "still preserve
the genetic heritage" since large population of natives inhabited there at
the time of colonization.

Ruiz-Linares added that the research shows that despite attempts to erase
Native Americans, there is genetic continuity between the pre- and
post-Columbian populations.



Andrés Ruiz-Linares MD, PhD, Professor of Human Genetics

This article is from 'bbc', was first published or seen on Fri Mar 21
04:42:06 UTC 2008 and has 2 versions.

Genes show Latin America's past

Results from a genetic study of Latin America suggest most Latin Americans
are descended from European men and Native American or African women.

Scientists say the study, said to be the largest of its kind, backs up
historical theories about the Spanish Conquistadors of the 16th Century.
The research involved genetic analysis of over 300 individuals from across
seven countries from Mexico to Chile. Details of the study are published
in the online journal PLoS Genetics. The genetic research was conducted by
universities across Latin America, the US and Europe.

'Genetic continuity'

Close genetic analysis of blood samples from across the region show, the
researchers claim, that the majority of Latin Americans can trace their
origins some 13 generations back to the time of the Conquistadors. What is
more, they say, the genes suggest most are a product of a match between a
European male settler and a Native American or African woman. This
supports the historical argument that European colonisers killed off many
of the native men and had sex with native women or with African slaves.

Professor Andres Ruiz-Linares of University College London, who led the
study, says that it goes some way to rescuing the past of Latin America
and what he calls the "living presence" of Native Americans throughout the

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karyakarta92 said...

It is certainly not for a lack of "effort" on the part of the christists. What are the so-called "Anglo-Indians" or the Goa christists for instance? The Anglo-Indians are certainly a product of inter-breeding by the British.
Therefore, population is a strength. There is no reason for Hindus to selectively reduce their numbers while everyone else exponentially augments their flocks whether by breeding, conversion etc. If only all Hindus irrespective of caste, linguistic, regional affiliation had their basic needs taken care of - and they united to a man, no one would dare attempt any extermination of the Hindu civilisation. That is why our numbers are a resource. Every last Dalit boy is a resource. Every Hindu child is a precious resource. May God give them the strength and wisdom to protect our civilisation.