Monday, June 09, 2008

Christist vultures and leeches under the scanner in Kerala

jun 9th, 2008

christist godmen doing their usual thing, stealing and lying.

look at the amounts -- mind-blowing. now this is the declared money. yhwh alone knows how much is coming in otherwise through hawala and other channels. a while ago, kerala police discovered a bloody ocean-going CONTAINER-load of counterfeit currency! imagine how much fake money that was. and if they found one container, there must have been 500 containers that got through undetected.

we already discussed their other pastime, rape and murder in the context of sister abhaya.

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From: ven
Date: Jun 10, 2008 11:05 AM
Subject: Christian vultures and leeches under the scanner in Kerala

Cash scanner on evangelist  

Thiruvananthapuram, June 9: A high-profile evangelist is under pressure to explain an "unaccounted" amount of Rs 900 crore his trust received from the US as Kerala's crackdown on "commercial spiritualism" gathers pace.

Bishop K.P. Yohannan has been under the watch of regulators and police since the hunt for "fake godmen" began in the first week of May for having received the funds from the Texas-based Gospel for Asia in the past 12 years. Failure to explain could make him the subject of a probe.

The police claim that a trust closely held by Yohannan and his relatives had received Rs 1,044 crore for charity and church activities from Texas body since 1995 but spent only Rs 144 crore on such purposes.

Director-general of police (intelligence) Jacob Punnose has told home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan about the "unaccounted cash" and recommended an inquiry to verify how the trust had used the Rs 900 crore. Chief minister V.S. Achuthanandan is aware of the matter.

The assets of Believers' Church, Yohannan's trust, were estimated at Rs 572 crore and Gospel for Asia's at Rs 472 crore. The nature of the probe is yet to be decided since there are several departments and agencies concerned with the activities of Believers' Church and Gospel for Asia.

Since the amount flowed in from a single source, the Gospel for Asia, the Reserve Bank will have to probe if any part of it had been spent on activities outside the country and whether it was done with permission. Another matter to be examined is how Yohannan's trust has retained 2,500 acres when the law allows only 2,000 acres and whether it had secured special permission. The bishop was not available for comment.

Yohannan is not the only one facing the heat in the drive "commercial spiritualism". Other Christian prayer-healing organisations like Swargeeya Virunnu (Heavenly Feast), run by Brother Thanku (Sam Kuruvila) and Brother Thomas Kutty are also under the scanner.


Kerala bishop's trust in legal trouble
10 Jun 2008, 0311 hrs IST,Ananthakrishnan G,TNN
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Bishop K P Yohannan, a popular evangelist in Kerala, is in trouble with the law. A preliminary inquiry by the intelligence department of Kerala police casts doubts on how a trust he runs spent a massive Rs 900 crore of donations from abroad.

The trust, according to reports, received Rs 1044 crore since 1995 from Texas-based Gospel for Asia apparently for charitable purposes but had spent only Rs 144 crore towards this purpose. No satisfactory explanation was given on how the rest of the amount was spent, police said.

The matter is now pending with the state home department which is said to be considering a detailed probe. Any inquiry would necessitate central assistance as it involves money from abroad which falls in the purview of the Reserve Bank of India.

Yohannan is the founder president of the Gospel for Asia and the Believer's Church, both of which enjoy huge assets bases. What has raised eyebrows is that most of the trusts floated by Yohannan has on its board his family members. The trust, sources claimed, had recently purchased 40 acres of paddy fields in Pathanathitta district and filled it up to evade the Land Reforms Act.

Also under the lens is a land transaction worth Rs 130 crore said to have been undertaken by the trust some months back. The Church, however, denied the charges and claimed that its working was transparent.


smokeyright said...

"unaccounted" amount of Rs 900 crore ...

What ? 900 core ? 2000 acres ?

These seem to be very big numbers.

Jayarajan said...

its not just the christians. there are hindus, santosh mahadevan for eg and also muslims who are in trouble.
good, even though i have no sympathy for the gullible people.

Subin Verghese said...

I'm a Pentecostal believer since 1997, and I declare that most of the claiming servants of the lord are cheats......Read the bible thoroughly and never ever listen to any motherfucking assholes like this.

All Indian Pastors (especially Keralites) are exposed on this website (read Defender section in tht) :

Cautious Beliver

benedict dilton said...

Rs 1040 Crores collected from all over the world in name of charity and rehabilitation of orphans used to purchase 2800 acres of land.

According to Kerala home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the church, formed under a trust called Gospel for Asia, has received Rs 1,044 crore in foreign donations in the last 15 years. Using that money, the home minister says the church has bought nearly 2,800 acres of land, including a 2,200-acre rubber estate. Worse, the seven-member Gospel for Asia trust is found to have been packed with Yohannan’s family members, including his wife, children and brothers. “It’s all highly irregular and unlawful,” Balakrishnan says, explaining that under the law, a family can hold only 15 acres. The revenue department has been asked to “take over” 580 acres, pending an inquiry into how the “church had bought the 2,200-acre rubber estate from a private company when the estate was on leasehold and thus not saleable,” he says.

Bill Kendrick said...

Good news for all those who are confused and looking for the truth. Govt had already investigated into these allegations and proved them to be wrong. The affidavit by Home Ministry can be downloaded from

The truth is out there for all to see.