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newsinsight: why manmohan is what he is

jun 23rd, 2008

manmohan singh seems himself as a flunkey. therefore he has become one.

why does he love the nuke deal so much? here are some possibilities:

1. money in some swiss bank account
2. the yanks have told him this is the price for not arresting his pinko daughter in america
3. he still is getting his old pension from the world bank and doesn't want to jeopardize it
4. he genuinely likes to be a slave and wants to enslave india forever
5. he *is* the mole that jaswant singh mentioned as being the yanks' guy in the indian government, before jaswant was silenced through threats

i have no idea if any of these is true, but a lay observer is driven to wonder about the reasons underlying the persistence on the nuke deal, when manmohan has shown no guts in pursuing anything else. ever.

manmohanisms, like great dan-quayle-isms:

1. he is photographed bowing deeply -- almost genuflecting -- to priyanka nehru's 2 year old son, his future employer, i suppose he thinks he is
2. he says "mohammedans have first claim to india's resources". this is an impeachable offense, as he is violating the constitutions stricture that all indians have the same rights regardless of religion
3. he, grateful for some third-rate honorary degree, tells the limeys (as below), "your rule was pretty good for us"
4. he went to the us congress to make a speech, and he looked entirely out of place in the video. he looked so uncomfortable, exactly like a butler asked to take a seat at the dinner table with his employer

this is a lot like jawaharlal's self-image as a second-rate, inferior person. so jawahar proceeded to make india a second-rate, inferior country in his own image.

manmohan singh is trying desperately to emulate jawaharlal. and succeeding, too.

it is clear that the 1991 liberalization was not really manmohan's idea. it was narasimha rao's. manmohan was just a convenient mask for it, because rao knew his own party bozos would oppose it if it came from rao. rao was by far the best prime minister we had, and for his pains, he was humiliated when he died -- not even given a cremation in delhi. why? because he made the nehru dynasty look so bad in comparison. rao had the brains to figure out that liberalization was necessary, and he latched on to manmohan singh as just the right flunkey, with the right psec credentials, to appeal to the nehruvians and other scumbags.

manmohan had been a socialist bureaucrat, and this "deathbed conversion" in 1991 to the free market seems jarringly out of place, so it probably did not happen and is a convenient little myth. in fact, in his tenure as PM, he has demonstrated without a doubt that he is a dirigiste socialist, eg. in his harebrained NREGS, which is a rs. 70,000 crore boondoggle for kkkangress cadres; the rs. 60,000 crore loan forgiveness to farmers, ditto boondoggle; the rs. 40,000 crore pay commission giveaway to bureaucrats. not to mention all the giveaways to mohammandans and christists and bangladeshis and so forth. therefore the deficit has grown to 10% of GDP from the target of 3%. all this has led to the roaring 20+% inflation, and the return to the usual nehruvian state of affairs: negative real interest rates (ie. we are all losing money because inflation is 11% even according to p chidambaram, and bank deposit rates are 9% at best, so RoI is -2%, and if you consider the 33% tax, so that RoI is -2.6% right there.), loss of momentum in growth.

manmohan and chidambaram, what a pair! they inherit an economy growing nicely at 8% and inflation at 3%, and when they leave, growth is stumbling, inflation is at 25%, and real rates of return are negative, the stock market is in the toilet. china has captured nepal, and taken over parts of arunachal and sikkim, and has its fifth columnists running armed insurrections in 180 districts in india.

everybody is happy, because this is the way the nehruvians (and their pals the communists) like things to be. 300 million indians will continue to be poor, and therefore easily targeted by missionaries and marxists and mullahs.

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From: Chandra

Hi rajiv,
                this might interest you.
"Why is Manmohan Singh hell-bent on the nuclear deal? The PM is not really persuaded about the necessity of deterrence. He opposed the second nuclear test in May 1998 ordered by A.B.Vajpayee. As Narasimha Rao's finance minister, he choked funding to the Department of Atomic Energy, resulting in slippages in nuclear power generation targets, shortfalls in natural uranium production, and virtual caps on advancements in plutonium and thorium economies. But more than all this, Manmohan Singh fundamentally does not believe in the greatness of India, and on its inherent potential to be a great power.

On her March 2005 visit to New Delhi, the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, offered Manmohan Singh to "make India a world power", and the offer was repeated in Washington in a State Department background briefing to the press. The PM agreed in principle to the nuclear deal weeks later, in July 2005, obviously awed, charmed and flattered by the US President, George W.Bush, who was pushing it, to notch some foreign policy success with his second term after the crowning failure of Iraq. In Manmohan Singh, Bush found easy prey. Strong, regularly elected leaders like Indira Gandhi or Vajpayee, not accidentally the only two Indian PMs to order nuclear tests, would not have genuflected to Bush like Manmohan Singh did.

The CPI-M and the BJP's understanding of Manmohan Singh is that he is a "slave of the West". As proof, a senior Delhi CPI-M leader, who asked not to be identified, pointed to Manmohan Singh's July 2005 acceptance speech at Oxford University for an honorary degree. Cleverly inserting Gandhi, Nehru, Rabindranath Tagore and others into his own views, Manmohan Singh said, among other things, that "elements off fair play…characterised so much of the ways of the British in India…(E)ven at the height of our campaign for freedom from colonial rule, we did not entirely reject the British claim to good governance…(I)t is possible for an Indian Prime Minister to assert that India's experience with Britain had its beneficial consequences too."

No self-respecting Indian Prime Minister would say so, and this extraordinary lack of respect for self (and country) shamefully defines and separates Manmohan Singh from his predecessors. Lacking self-respect, Manmohan Singh lacks self-confidence, sees India in his own image as a supplicant, and grabs at the illusion of the US making India a great power. With Manmohan Singh at the helm, India's great power chase becomes hopeless."

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