Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Strictures placed on indian in NHS, for inappropriate behaviourIE says he was "Indian

An Indian doctor working in Britain's National Health Service (NHS) has been prohibited from treating female patients except in emergencies after complaints of "inappropriate" examination of two women patients in August 2002.

For nearly four years, Syed Asghar Zaheer, who graduated from the Lucknow University in 1958, has restrictions placed on his employment after medical authorities found him guilty of the charges.

Yes, the "inappropriate" behaviour was of a sexual nature.

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nizhal yoddha said...

as you said, the guy is "indian", not "south asian"? why is it that whenever an indian does something good, he's "south asian", but when he does something bad, he's "indian"? actually, given limey terminology that lumps pakistani and bangladeshi malcontents with indians, this groping doctor should be called an "asian".