Thursday, June 05, 2008

holy prepuce of calcata: a name for m teresa when she is finally sainted

jun 5th, 2008

i believe m teresa is a 'blessed' at this point, being fast-tracked to sainthood. and saints get new monikers, i gather, just like godmen do (eg. the young ratzy became benedict 23 or something).

gratis from me, a humble suggestion for what to call the leathery one once she's sainted: "holy prepuce of calcata". (yes, the spelling is correct.)

i hope the vatican and psecs are duly impressed, i am doing to the christists what they do to non-christists: make helpful suggestions.

do check it out on wikipedia.

ps. in passing, let me point out that there was (is?) a major effort to name cochin's airport after m teresa. this was, incidentally, mooted to prevent it from being named after adi sankara. sankara's home, kaladi, is within a few miles of the cochin airport. what cochin has to do with m teresa is not clear to me, except that the place is dominated by christists. maybe they can name cochin airport 'holy prepuce m teresa airport'.

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