Friday, June 06, 2008

pakistani-centric view of the indus-sarasvati

jun 6th, 2008

the blighter managed to write a bunch of pages on this without once mentioning the sarasvati! this is an achievement. also, he blames the indians the whole time for not letting pakistanis come over. why, and have them disappear and become "sleeper cells"? ok, that was bad of me, but the issue is that the mohammedans are absolutely not interested in whatever happened in the indus-sarasvati area before the beginning of history for them, which is the 712 CE invasion by some arab. before that, and certainly before the invention of mohammedanism by mohammed, there is no such thing as history for mohammedans of any nationality. they must be -- if they ever bother to think about this -- jumping through hoops to explain the fact that there appear to have been humans and history 8,000 years before mohammed. it's like the creationists explaining that yhwh made everything in 4004 BCE, but to trick us and entertain us, also created 10 million year old fossils and inserted them strategically here and there. there must be a mohammedan version of this in play, i just haven't heard about it.

even today, after all these years of terrorism, the white christist guys find it easier to accept mohammedan perspectives. not surprising, i guess, because their cultures -- of intolerant desert semitic ideology -- are essentially identical. all the more reason for indians to build more bridges to fellow-asians (not to semitic han chinese communists, though).

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