Friday, June 06, 2008

the inquisition -- the religion of love showing the milk of human kindness

jun 6th, 2008

perhaps the most barbaric human rights violations ever committed. the cathars (or albigensians) who were pretty decent people by all accounts were wiped out. later, the inquisition in goa is widely admitted to have been the most horrendous. lots of hindus were tortured, dismembered, forced to watch their children being dismembered, swords inserted into vaginas, etc. yea, truly the milk of human kindness.

these are the blighters talking about human rights these days. oddly, none of them is available when the human rights of christist nuns (see sister abhaya) are violated.

but they are up in arms when the women's rights commission says nuns below the age of consent (18) should not be coerced into being slaves for the godmen ie. nuns (including sexual slaves).

incidentally, our good friend the godman ratzy held the position of Chief Inquisitor until recently. so you can imagine *his* milk of human kindness. regular torquemada he must be, routinely saying "off with his head", etc. alas for ratzy, he can't really get to do the good stuff any more that his predecessor godmen were able to do. shame, eh? torquemada, btw, is one of the greatest monsters in all of history. ivan the terrible and caligula and aurangazeb all pale before him.

for a moment of levity, you can imagine ratzy mel brooks' comedy 'history of the world part 1'. ("you can't torquemada this, you can't torquemada that, you can't torquemada anything at all" -- say it with a new york drawl and you'll get it.)

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The Holy Inquisition - One of Christianity's darkest chapter - History Channel

A Documentary for all Hindus in order to understand the Goa Inquisiton

The Inquisition is a good introduction to a dark and gloomy chapter in Western history. The Holy Office of the Inquisition was created by the Pope ostensibly to "save souls" by rooting out heresy and sending unrepentant offenders to a fiery death at the stake. In doing so, it created an enduring legacy of misery and death.

The Inquisition was created in the early 13th century to eliminate the dangerous threat of a number of popular heretical groups such as the Waldensians and the Cathars. The Cathars were virtually exterminated by a papal ordered crusade, but the Church found that in order to truly extinguish the threat to their dominance completely, they needed to create an institution that could investigate and punish anyone found to harbor what the Church deemed to be "false doctrine". Thus was the Inquisition born. Over the course of its 800 year history, the Inquisition was responsible for untold misery and suffering in the name of salvation. Abused by power hungry clerics and abetted by corrupt secular officials, the Inquisition spread throughout Europe and soon not only persecuted suspected heretics, but also Jews, Muslims, and those accused of being witches or necromancers.

The story of the Inquisition and its sordid history is long and this documentary cannot encompass all of it, but it does a fair job of highlighting its origins, its motivations, and its single-minded persecution of the so-called "Others" in a Europe that was slowly changing as it entered the modern period and struggling to shed the vestiges of the Middle Ages. The documentary does highlight recent scholarship on the Inquisition and works to dispel some common myths and misconceptions about the use of torture and just how many people were actually executed during its reign.

After viewing this documentary, I've still got chills running up and down my back. This is how Christianity was forced on the world?


Church's Inquisition -Torturing Those Who Disagreed (1 of 6)

Love & Sex in the Bible - History Channel (Part 3 of 5)

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socal said...

A point often forgotten while exposing Church propaganda is how they have completely wiped out the memory of persecution of Jews from Christism's history.

The gullible convert swallows Church propaganda without any hiccups. He's never told that the "love" and "gospel" train has rode the highway strewn with massacres of several people and cultures including that of the Jewish people for over two millenium.

Congress govt. might have omitted just Hitler from Gujarat's history books, but the church authorities have successfully weeded out the very cause of Holocaust, Christist anti-semitism, from memories of the faithful.w

smokeyright said...

CNN seems to have double standards: