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Hindu students lack prayer space on MIT campus

jun 2, 2008

hindu students have to stand up and fight for their rights. none of the 'southasianitis'-afflicted individuals will do so, although they will demand all sorts of things for mohammedans.

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Issue Date: May 16-31, 2008, Posted On: 5/27/2008

Hindu students lack prayer space on MIT campus

When Hindu students at MIT want to hold a religious gathering, they have to plan ahead. They must book a room somewhere on campus and move their deities there. Sometimes, no rooms are available and they have to pray in a dorm. Even when a classroom is available, students say MIT regulations prevent them from doing the rituals properly.
"We are not allowed to bring candles, for instance, and we can't do any kind of worshipping because we can't have fire," a member of MIT Hindu Students' Council, Namrata "Sony" Verma, said. "We also take off our shoes before we pray, but (when we pray in a classroom, leaving our shoes outside would) crowd the hallway, so we can't do that."
On those lucky occasions when they gather in the MIT nondenominational chapel, they must first push aside rows of chairs – because unlike Christian worshippers, Hindus sit on the floor when they pray.
So this year, the Hindu Students' Council made a request for a permanent prayer space on campus. Chaplain of the university Robert Randolph, who was reportedly receptive to the idea, brought the issue up at the MIT chaplains' meeting last month. No decision has so far been made.

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