Wednesday, June 04, 2008

even the communists can't stand jindal

jun 4th, 2008

generally the communists like FOIL honcho (and stealth christist) vijay prashad love anybody who is anti-hindu. but even they can't stand jindal. the guy is one rotten apple.

and he has the luck of the devil. maybe even literally. i wonder if he has done one of those sell-my-soul-for-money deals? after all, he is into exorcisms, and maybe he made a deal with you-know-who.

so if he becomes VP, mccain is sure to croak.

hmmm... i am beginning to be reminded of that dumb movie 'the omen'. someone should check to see if jindal has 666 written on his head :-)

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From: K

This guy disgusts me. If McCain picks jindal, I am donating time and money to Obama's campaign. I don't know how one could stoop to such a low level of zero self respect. This takes the cake.



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