Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bobby Jindal - The story they don't want you to read

jun 3rd, 2008

behold, the future VP, and possible POTUS (if, heaven forbid, mccain has a heart attack)?

this guy is a maniac. this is how most converts are: completely in cloud-cuckoo-land once the virus of "worshipping-mutilated-corpse-of-dead-arab-stuck-on-a-stick" has set in. their minds are gone, and they are automatons.

also, interesting information about the rise-and-rise of jindal. apparently it's not exactly because he was brilliant. it was because the other jesus-freaks actively promoted the blighter.

of course the fellow has incredible luck. otherwise, he'd have been governor during katrina, and that would have finished off his political career.

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From: Ganesh


Even though I disagree with some of the bloggers in your site.
This is something that is important check it out. May be you know about this already
Since this guy can become the next VP.

Btw I and many of my fellow secular friends (true secular not sickular) are worried about the rampant conversion that is happening
in movie world and otherwise. Recent one being actress Nagma.



socal said...
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socal said...

I seriously hope that this Jindal comes nowhere near the White House. His beliefs are a complete anathema to modern times. The only worst thing topping that would've been his appointment as a Supreme Court judge. Mercifully he has no law background.