Monday, October 01, 2007

US Presidential candidate criticised for wanting a X-ian US President

See, the Yanks should learn from Indian 'Democracy'. We have X-ians, Mohammedans & Sikhs managing 800 million Hindus. We trust them to take care of all our affairs right from Nukes to Lord Rama. Now aren't we truly secular & progressive?


Ghost Writer said...

McCain is the biggest disappointment of American politics in the last few years.

He once stood for something - libertarian democracy, reduced corporate welfare and old fashioned American optimism. However, now he is just another also ran, Church-conservative semi-bigot. He even went to Jerry Falwell's university to co-opt Falwell into his presidential run. It's a great shame - but it is over for this guy.

karyakarta92 said...

Mc. Cain's statement was made in the context of his preference for a christian president vs an islamic one. Curious that the Jewish lobby would protest the context of that statement. The criticism probably has to do with their wariness with evangelical christism; despite all the shared "Judeo Christian values", the Jews do not accept the christist New testament mythology.

Recall that Mc Cain was leading GWB in the 2000 Republican primaries until he made that comment at Liberty University, critical of evangelical christists. It is indeed a shame that he is playing to the evangelical christist gallery now.

It is mere Conservative vs Liberal posturing though. It is inconceivable that anybody except a white anglo saxon christian male will ever be elected as President of the USA.