Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fwd: untouchability flourishes under OBCs in Tamil Nadu

oct 11th, 2007

interesting. i have had the feeling that what the 'dravidians' have accomplished in tamil nadu is simply the takeover of the state by the middle castes, such as the mudaliars, naickers etc. i think the most virulent oppressors of the lower castes are the people just above them.

i know this from personal observation in kerala: the OBC ezhavas feel put upon by the nairs who are FCs and just slightly above them in the hierarchy, and not by the nambudiri brahmins. and ezhavas and nairs (both sudra castes) look down upon the ST/SC.

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From: venkat

Below is forwarded from another group. The purpose is to show how the Dravidian movement supresses the dalits. 
Jai Sri Ram

If one can see the events since independence, then one thing stands very clear. That the OBC s remain as steadfast and OPENLY ADAMANT in their refusal to recognise the SC and STs. nearly 40 years of OBC rule in Tamilnadu, Andhra, UP, Bihar, and many other states have reduced the state of the SCs miserably.

All the schemes planned for their upliftment did never take off. As I keep visiting slum after slum, one thing that strikes me is this. The dalits are not wanting in education or money now. Even a unskilled construction worker in a city slum will get not less than Rs 150.00 per day.

But, the thing they most want is recognition! This is purposely and vehemently denied to them. Pappapatti and Keeripatti are famed all over the country for denying a dalit to occupy the panchayat chief's post after he won the election process ! Those villages are having OBC and Dalits. No brahmins!  No 'muppuri nool sadhi'!

In my own study, in a real village slum for the past three months, the glaring estrangement of the dalits was so obvious despite the slum producing some engineers. So many have converted to Christianity since some of them fed their ego.  The majority still calls them in 'eka vachanam' (poda, vada) ! they do not spare even the elderly ! Such is their fear that they do not mingle with any. The political parties esp the dravidian ones, respect the suyamariadai (self respect) of the OBCs but never that of dalits.

Whenever they want reservation to continue, they harp back their favourite tune. That the dalits are oppressed, need protection and so on and so forth. Dalit has not improved. The already well off OBC has fattened his purse more by keeping reservation alive. A caste leader masquerading as a Tamil leader has now made a demand for 100 % reservation !With just about 40 % of the total electorate, the OBC s rule most states since 'other' votes are divided.

Mayavati was the first one who saw through the OBC design and uprooted them with a different combination that was just enough deadly for them. In my opinion, no one leader since Gandhiji has cared and thought for Dalits.

MUKA and his ilk are hypocrites who calculate only votes. They have divided the dalit community among religious lines with the dalit converts getting reservation. No one knows what chaos this has brought into this already oppressed community.

Neither have I seen any one of the activists of the existing hundred odd members in Tamilnadu of the DK . They are busy sending their children to matric schools to study Hindi while they advise the rest of the population to adhere to Tamil.

The New Indian express published photos of dalits with disposable cups in front of tea shops of OBC controlled villages. if anyone has doubts still, please mail me privately and I will arrange for a tour with me on my weekly slum visits. This challenge applies to all the rationalists, linguists, and of course to pseudo secularists also.

Jai Bharat

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karyakarta92 said...

Actually, oppression of SC's by OBC's and other Kshatriya/Sudra "upper" castes is an unfortunate reality all over India.
In Karnataka, it is the Vokkaligas (Gowdas) & Lingayats.
In Andhra, it is the Reddys, Kammas, Rajus.
In the Hindi belt, it is the Jat, Yadav, Bhumihar.
This lack of unity is a real shame for Hindu society and provides a ready made avenue for inimical forces to exploit.