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Fwd: Deceptive Christian missionary propaganda in Sri Kalahasti

oct 12th, 2007

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Deceptive Christian missionary propaganda in Sri Kalahasti

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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

source: Andhra Jyothy (Telugu), October 8, 2007

A new way of deceiving innocent Hindus to become virtual missionaries discovered.
Srikalahasti Oct8:  Police arrested a 60 year old man for distributing Christian missionary propaganda material inside Sri Kalahasthiswara temple.  Police are investigating this man who claims to be a Hindu.  On Monday morning temple security personnel identified a man distributing Christian conversion propaganda material near Nandi idol inside the temple.  Enraged devotees and locals pounced on the man before security personel could get hold of him.
The man claims that he did not distribute the Christian literature intentionally.   The man claimed that he is a Hindu and his name is Ankayya and resides in Muthyalamma street.  During his recent visit to Tirupati he met a Christian missionary who claimed that if he doesn't distribute those flyers to 50 other people, bad luck would  fall upon him.  Mr. Ankayya got scared of these words and started distributing Christian conversion literature.

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