Thursday, October 11, 2007

dnaindia: Tirupati offers tips on preserving the Hindu culture

oct 11th, 2007

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Tirupati offers tips on preserving the Hindu culture
Bhargavi Kerur
Saturday, October 06, 2007  04:56 IST

The temple is organising workshops for priests to keep alive age-old traditions and prevent conversion of Dalits

BANGALORE:  Alarmed by dalits converting to other faiths, especially Christianity, India's richest temple Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanam (TTD) has geared up to train its priests to take up the onus of preserving Hindu culture.

One of its recently-announced initiatives to preserve Hindu culture is to train priests across the country on proper ways of conducting puja. "The new generation of priests are hardly aware of our culture. They do not know the necessary shlokas, their meaning, and the necessity of puja itself. They need to be trained since they will be the ones preserving our culture. So we have initiated the programme," said Sveta Bhuman, director of priests' training school at TTD.

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